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Which Elephant Coffee Table is Right for Your Space?

If you're as obsessed with elephant home decor as I am, the first stop on your home decor shopping trip should be for an elegant coffee table. It's an easy way to incorporate this theme into your living space. Your coffee table is where you do most of your relaxing, entertaining, and perhaps even dining, so why not customize it and create a unique centerpiece for your living space?

Everyone's taste is different, and there are so many ways to make this idea work. Is your taste traditional or exotic? Is your space a refined interior or a wild poolside exterior?

Check out the list I've created below for an overview of my absolute favorite styles featuring elephants. Do you want to incorporate one of these fun tables, but are having a design dilemma? Let me help you update your space!

Getting Started

If, like mine, your home is more traditional, the best choice for incorporating this style is an elephant themed coffee table. From basic to intricately detailed sculpture, this kind of furniture suits almost any living room comfortably while adding a little extra personality.

The level of detail featured in these hand-sculpted tables is just amazing. They're perfect for anyone whose life is truly devoted to the care and well-being of all of life's creatures, both great and small.

Exotic Hand-Painted

To capture the authentic spirit of the elephant in its home country, why not support a local artisan at the same time?

There is a whole host of intricately detailed, hand painted tables which you can buy to support the artists working in India, Asia, and around the world.

Side Table

For the decorator who has everything! If you already have a coffee table you love, adding an elephant side table is the way to go.

There are many beautiful pieces to choose from, and none of them require much space or commitment.

Outdoor Patio

Just because summer is over, doesn't mean you have to take your elephants inside. These classic, elephant sculptures double as outdoor patio tables to hold your guest's drinks all year round.

These tables are built to withstand any kind of weather, and are UV and fade-resistant. Set one of these beauties next to your chaise lounge when you are poolside and enjoy a drink on this distinguished pachyderm. These fun tables can also be used indoors.

The Finished Product

Your home decor has been stepped up a notch! After showing you the endless possibilities for incorporating an elephant coffee table, I think this living room design is finally complete. I've included elephants of every size, shape, and color to suit the specific requirements of your living space. Do you have a favorite piece from these four different looks? In this photo, I hope to show you that it's possible to harmoniously combine all of these design elements in the same room.

Safari living room decoration with two saddle sofas around an elegant coffee table

The highly-detailed, hand finished sculpture at the base of this beautiful piece of furniture is definitely the center of the room. Its slick glass top allows the beauty of the sculpture to show thorough in its entirety. The end table featuring an elephant with its trunk raised joyfully symbolizes good luck. If you follow the ancient art of Feng Shui, elephants will bring good fortune and good luck to your home.

Finish off this look with some patterned throw pillows in deep, warm tones. A bronze sculpture rests on your bookshelf, and dancing elephants parade across a large piece of funky printed fabric on the wall. You can't go wrong with this look, especially if you remember to keep your color palette unified and your elephants well cared for.