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Hello and welcome to Dreamin' Decor! I'm Ashley, an architect-turned-designer, lover of graphics, textiles and inspired interiors. I live in central California and am inspired by the wonderful weather and the gorgeous interiors I run across daily. I make beautiful home sets and virtual designs of inspired interiors that people love and share.

Whether you crave affordable design options for your home or you just love to peruse Pinterest like I do… you will love it here!

Through my research on design market trends and visiting too many decor websites to mention, I realize there is something missing – affordability! While we see gorgeous interiors everyday we all can't afford expensive designers for hire. We need easy to create yet gorgeous to look at design inspiration and that's where Dreamin' Decor helps you. Even if you're looking for a specific style of furniture or just simple home accessories like curtains, chairs and lamps – I will help you envision your dream and make it become a reality through these pages.

Want to learn more about my journey and how I started this project? Read more about me here.

Every week I will bring you a new home decorating project to get inspired and spark your creativity! If you can't always keep up with Dreamin' Decor I invite you to sign up for my newsletter. It's the easiest way to stay up to date with my latest creations without missing any new post.

Browse through my corner of the world and let me know what inspires your home. I would love to connect with you and see what inspires and fuels your creativity in the design of your home. Please, find me on social media or drop me a line via email.

Thanks for stopping by Dreamin' Decor! I look forward to helping you create interiors you can't wait to retreat to everyday.