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Warm Up Your Space with Fleur de Lis Kitchen Decor

If your idea of the perfect kitchen is traditional with old world charm, then fleur de lis kitchen decor is the perfect choice for you. From large wall plaques and backsplashes to useful stoneware, to those small finishing touches like napkin rings, this charming emblem can add charm to every aspect of your kitchen's decor.

Do you favor a bold, graphic look with impressive dark wooden cabinets, or a more colorful, eclectic style? This decorative symbol brings to mind great kings and a sense of historic cultural importance, but thanks to its simple shape, it can be placed anywhere throughout your home. If your kitchen is looking a bit drab, or you have a brand new kitchen which could use a dose of historic character, this charming symbol is for you.

Today I'll show you three unique styles of kitchens and offer some practical tips on how to use this motif to add rich texture and charm to your space. Create a world you'll want to spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining in with some strategically placed accents featuring this historic image.

Dramatic Contrast with High Ceilings

This kitchen starts with a modern look with a few traditional details such as the organic stone mosaic wall. Its color palette is very spare and high-contrast, with dark wood and light stone. Its extra tall ceiling height adds even more drama to the room. Soft, neutral tones of taupe and beige are mixed throughout the marble countertops, tiled backsplash, and mosaic feature wall. I mirrored this organic tone with two wrought iron pendant lights with stained glass in a light sandy color which cast a soft, warm glow on this bold, graphic room.

A tall wall of light colored stonework, tall dark wooden cabinets, and a marble countertop

The wall art follows the rustic tone of the iron lamps, with a large brass wall plaque adding drama to the feature wall above the stove. Some brass wall hooks fill the rest of the room. I included some ceramics in light colors and filled some of them with greenery to add a fresh, lively feeling to this large, open space. The printed placemats and wall decal are great finds and they offer a very affordable way to place this image throughout your kitchen.

A Colorful and Eclectic Heritage Kitchen

This kitchen design demonstrates how to create a relaxed feeling using a colorful collection of items in earth tones for the look of an authentic heritage kitchen. Your guests will feel welcome in this intimate space, and they can socialize at the comfortable, oversized bar stools while you cook delicious Italian or French dishes. You can almost smell the eclectic mix of spices wafting from this warm, inviting room.

A multicolored square tile backsplash, silver gas oven, wooden cabinets, and a marble countertop

A gorgeous mosaic tile backsplash with a traditional looking built-in oven hood sets the stage. The tiles are colorful but their color palette is still neutral, keeping it grounded in earth tones for a true historic feeling. I decorated it with two large bronze medallions with delicately curving details of handmade craftsmanship, and echoed the round shape with a clock above them.

I placed the stained glass pendant lamp low (just above the height of the average person's head) to create a more intimate mood. Its bright red, rust, and golden colors mimic the natural array of shades in the tile work. To cap it all off, I sprinkled in some fresh flowers and ceramic jars in the same vibrant earth tones of gold, red, and green. It's easy to imagine spending many evenings relaxing in this warm space, listening to world music and enjoying lively conversation.

A Modest Kitchen Nook with Traditional Warmth

This small kitchen nook shows that even the small, delicate details with floral accents can breathe new life into your living space. You also don't need to remodel to completely transform the look of your kitchen.

The key item here is the backsplash. These panels are lightweight, with a bronze finish to look like traditional tin metalwork. It's surprisingly easy to install these panels over your existing backsplash and instantly add some unique character.

A kitchen corner with embossed metal backsplash, tall wooden cabinets, and brown ceramics

I decorated the basic taupe countertop with a collection of rich brown stoneware, old world style brass hooks, and a decorative metal plate embossed with a large fleur. A few pops of color were necessary so I chose a deep, earthy shade of red and some fresh red flowers to go with the red and gold stained glass pendants.

Hopefully this sheds some light on how easy it is to add historic details to your small kitchen with these small final touches.