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Trend Spotting: Get Fierce Home Style with Leopard Print Decor

Mysterious and powerful, leopards have long been seen as symbols of strength. There's something so alluring about the simple, graphic pattern of their spotted coats. It's regal yet wild- just the right touch to make your home decor turn heads.

Leopard spots are at once classic and dramatic. Their familiar shape brings to mind travel adventures, high fashion, and soft comforting texture. From luxurious estates to casual modern condos, they have a way of fitting in perfectly. Whether you take your inspiration from their round shape or warm color palette, these simple spots make quite a statement.

But don't be afraid of this fierce looking style! Today I'll show you a few examples of how to tame this funky print to suit your favorite decorating look. Whatever your taste, there's a way to make this motif work for you and add a touch of luxury to your home with leopard print decor.

Go for Drama with this Elegant Living Room Design

Safari home decor always works well with lux items. There's no denying the sense of power and drama it brings to a room, especially one with luxurious looking furniture. This style has an unmistakable sense of authority, yet it doesn't have to cost a fortune to pull it off with class.

Funky wallpaper, a white tufted chaise lounge, leopard pillows, and black and white photos.

This bold printed wallpaper makes a strong statement which is tempered with white furniture. Thanks to the refined details elsewhere in the room, it doesn't overpower the space. This white wallpaper is adorned with a natural interpretation of the spotted theme, and has an organic repeating pattern. Below a white chair railing sits a beautiful chaise lounge. Tufted, striped, and adorned with historic nail head detailing, this piece of luxurious furniture is the perfect match for the fierce wallpaper. The warm golden color of the long drapes and wood floors match the rust tones in the print to a tee.

Floating black shelves with a collection of pottery and framed art compliment the graphic wall treatment and add a striking global element. Whether you're a seasoned world traveler or a daydreamer, these safari photos will satisfy your sense of wanderlust. Just add a few touches of soft texture such as a faux fur rug and printed throw pillows to soften the look.

Use Warm Tones to Create a Cozy Den

This den is an inviting place to curl up in for an afternoon. I've taken my design inspiration from the golden tones in leopard fur to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. In this intimate reading room, a basic color palette of beige, honey, and black is elevated by a few strategically placed leopard spots.

The muted orange color of this leather sofa creates the perfect visual anchor for this beige and brown living room. Soft throw pillows make it even more inviting and tie in the ecru shade of the wall behind them. A stunning close-up shot of a leopard's face printed on organically varied canvasses is a modern touch with a large scale that suits this space perfectly.

A leopard photo on four panels against a brown wall and an orange leather sofa.

A printed area rug is the only other themed item I've included here. Two large printed items are enough to add character to this modern space. A round marble side table and coffee table mirror the round shape of the graphics while keeping the look sleek and contemporary with square metal legs. The best rule of thumb when incorporating animal print is that less is more. With just four pieces of simple furniture and two large themed pieces, this living room is perfectly balanced. This room is contemporary yet full of character.

Keep it Modern with Subtle Touches of Leopard Print Wall Decor

Incorporating some animal print wall decor into your home in a tasteful way can be an intimidating task. A simple solution is to keep your walls light to balance the intensity of the wild theme. This pale silvery gray wallpaper mimics the spots of a wild leopard in a soft and feminine way. Its organic white pattern adds a lyrical touch to this modern living room without demanding too much attention.

White and silver spotted wallpaper, a patterned accent chair and a matching round rug.

This light colored wall demands some bold contemporary touches. I went with a basic black sideboard and black table lamps to keep things graphic and interesting. A collection of rounded table art and a round printed rug reference the organic look of this theme. As always, adding some fresh green plants is a great idea when decorating with a wild motif and helps to celebrate your love of nature.

The upholstered armchair is a great accent which pulls the whole look together. Its rounded shape is comfortable and traditional, while its bold spotted pattern acts as a visual punctuation mark in this lively and eclectic living room. Can you see yourself curling up here with a good book?