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Take a Step Into the World of Paris Wall Decor

It's no secret- my heart belongs to the beautiful city of Paris! If, like me, you just can't get enough of this style, you've come to the right place. I am always on the lookout for new ways to use Paris wall decor. It's such an effortless way to add a sense of history, charm, and that certain “je ne sais quoi” to an interior without committing to a full re-design. The variety of looks here means you'll never run out of Paris decorating ideas.

Today we'll look at three examples of how to transform your room's whole look by choosing some Parisian wall art to suit your personal decorating style. My virtual designs will show you how easy it is to transform your space just by changing the wall color and dressing it up with some Parisian charm.

A Blank Canvas for Paris Wall Art

Step into a Parisian home, and the first thing you will probably notice is that the walls are white. The reason for this is that many homes there are short on natural light, with the exception of those lucky enough to be on the top floor. As a result, most locals choose a white or slightly warm off-white shade for their walls, just like the color shown here. This virtual interior is complete with traditional wood floors, crown moldings, and decorative cornices which are typically seen in older French homes.

Traditional interior with cream colored vintage table and Parisian wall art

For this charming room, I selected furniture and Parisian wall decor with a warm color palette of pink and cream. It's everything a French apartment should be! The grouping of small sculptures and containers on the vintage table helps to create a sense of a souvenir collection created from your travels around the world. Side note: “souvenir” means “remember” in French- how fitting. A bouquet of fresh flowers is a must- it's an affordable touch of class which goes a long way in any traditional interior.

Lighting is everything when creating a soft, inviting space. I took full advantage of this room's high ceiling and picked a feminine chandelier in brass and rose gold. I think it's just divine! It's framed on either side with two table lamps which continue the warm tones. It's important to keep the larger elements of a room symmetrical when going for this classic look, so I anchored the lamps with three pieces of wall art featuring the Eifel Tower. This triptych creates a triangular element which draws the eye down to my tabletop collection of decorative items.

A Photo Gallery on Green

This wall color, a faded moss green, has a vintage look which is neutral enough to pair with modern elements. The highlight of this interior is definitely the collection of black and white photographs of Paris landmarks and architecture. I placed them in a casual, organic grouping with a wall decal. This fun arrangement is a great way to instantly transport your guests to the streets of old Paris. This Parisian wall decor really pops against the green backdrop.

French style is often made up of an eclectic blend of traditional and modern elements. I wanted to illustrate how older items can mix harmoniously with new items, so I chose a very current looking, geometric floor lamp and a vintage candelabra. Although they appear to come from two different eras, they both provide soft, indirect lighting and even mirror each other with their multiple arms.

A black and white photo collection on a green wall with antique style furniture

The chair and side table I selected are very historic looking, and are full of hand-carved details. It's easy to find reproduction pieces that have the look of antiques but are still affordable. Pieces like these complete the look and give your home a cozy charm.

Gray and Purple Set a Modern Mood

One look at this interior and you've stepped into the city of lights! This is a space for a girl who enjoys the nightlife and the romance the city has to offer. I chose some paintings and throw pillows to give this contemporary space some French flavor. The two large statement pieces of Paris wall art really invite the viewer into the space, as they showcase two different sides of the city landscape. The paintings also provide a mix of horizontal and vertical elements which makes the space more dynamic.

Modern living room with cityscape paintings and five crystal pendant lights

It's not difficult to imagine enjoying a glass of wine on this purple sofa. It has a midcentury modern style that lends itself to this contemporary and romantic look. I chose gray for the walls because it mixes so nicely with the cool tone of purple and the metallic sheen of the pendant lights.

I hope you've enjoyed these virtual getaways and left with some new wall color inspirations. Planning a trip to France is always exciting- even if you never leave your living room. Check out more Paris living room ideas in my next article.