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Take Chevron Wall Art to the next Level with These Unique Ideas

Zigzag your way to some design inspiration with Chevron decor! In today's virtual experiments, my challenge was to balance the sharp lines of Chevron wall art with some subtle variations in tone and scale. Because this pattern can be so busy, I kept the colors very neutral in all three of these spaces. With a few quirky additions to the decor and some subtle variations in the limited color palette, I aimed to add personality without going overboard on kitsch.

The Chevron pattern has been popular for so long now that no matter which design decade you place it in, it still feels fresh and modern. The symbol originally comes from the basic shape of badges or military insignia showing their rank, but since then it has evolved into one of the most versatile graphics around. It's fun and dynamic no matter how you style it. Elevate the look of any basic setting when you try out some of these dynamic graphics in your own space:

An Impressive Drawing Room in Black, White, and Blue

This is definitely a room for someone who's not afraid of a large graphic print. That big, bold wallpaper was both the star and the challenge here. The solution I found came from the architecture of the room itself. Both the plain white divider wall and the recessed ceiling (painted gray for even more depth) break it up and add visual interest, creating many places for the eye to rest.

As in every aspect of life, balance is key. The furniture I chose emphasizes clean-lined simplicity. Anything more complicated in terms of ornament or texture would have overwhelmed the space. When working with Chevron, it makes sense to keep the look modern anyway, so creating this ultra modern look came naturally. It's quite an impressive space; one you could welcome a business client into with pride.

Modern drawing room in black and white with a blue sofa and ottoman

The chevron wall decor is echoed throughout the room on a smaller scale. The basic, square mirror frame and low-pile area rug both feature this smaller black and white design. The Italian mid-century lamp is a bit more special, but still modest, and features a striped motif which only references the Chevron in order to keep things from being too homogenous. The blue ceramic vases and soft chair and ottoman add both texture and color, breathing life into this otherwise serious space. A centerpiece to die for, the smooth organic crystal bubbles in the chandelier add that final touch of class.

A Comfy Modern Industrial Study

In this room, I brought in more varied neutral tones like light gray and brown. The Chevron in the wallpaper is large, but this time it's a soft gray, keeping the room light and airy. The upholstered chair matches the wallpaper and looks comfortable and inviting.

Industrial study decoration in gray and brown with framed wall art, pendant lights and floating shelves

Though this decor is quite basic, a few key pieces give it personality. My favorite touch here is the industrial style of the two black lamps I selected. Along with the book collection and the colorful artwork, they add some personality to the room and make it look more lived-in. Speaking of which, isn't the art great? The teals in both prints have a 1950s vibe, placing them in the same era as the credenza with retro angled legs. By casually propping up frames of two different sizes next to a scattering of diagonally placed shelves, I've kept the wall decor as inviting as the chair.

The chocolate colored carpet even has a subtle touch of Chevron pattern in it. Along with other rich brown elements like the table and vase, it warms up the overall color palette. The end result is a bright and open office space in which anyone would feel comfortable spending an afternoon reading.

A Pretty Purple Bedroom

This Chevron room is bold and graphic, so a dose of feminine purple and some floral wall art complements and balances out the harsh lines. I think the end result is a space which either a man or woman would feel comfortable relaxing in. Texture is important when it comes to creating a comfortable sleeping space, so I added a lush faux fur rug.

This time, I kept the whole color palette softer by staying away from black. Instead I opted for natural wood tones and gray; a cool neutral tone which pairs well with purple. Once again, I was true to the history of the Chevron pattern and didn't stray into distant decades.

Purple bedroom with floral wall art, a modern nightstand and an ivory faux fur rug

Nothing here references a design older than 1950, although the botanical samples lend a sense of personal history to the space. The cute alarm clock is another novel touch of nostalgia. The duvet cover is quilted, creating the cozy feeling of a quilt that has been in your family for generations. The result is a space that feels charming and familiar, yet knows what's hip. The zigzags aren't busy enough to prevent you from catching some “z” s here!