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Stunning Interior Design Ideas with Tuscan Style Furniture

Hey again everyone! Thanks for returning and exploring a few more of my interior design samples. Ever since I got a look at some jaw dropping Italian kitchens, I have all, but fallen in love, with the Tuscan style. My next foray is into Tuscan style furniture. Are you ready to explore my designs?

I decided to play around a bit and create a virtual furniture display. I chose a small living area with a light gray backdrop, but I wanted to offset the ardent color with a four-piece oil paintings. The golden yellow, brown, black, and white colors were absolutely perfect. Then I found a rectangular wooden wall cabinet, which blended in wonderfully with the oil paintings.

Cozy decoration with a wooden wall cabinet, two tiffany table lamps and some floral oil paintings

I selected a set of tiffany lamps. The shades had virtually the same color scheme as the wall art above, so I placed an artificial vine planter in between them to offset the tones.

I decided it was time for a decor that had a shiny appeal. I selected a ceramic plate with three large orbs to bring out the dark hues. I totally love this piece!

The Elegant, Yellow Dining Room

In some sense, I am not a big fan of yellow, as it seems too bright for my liking. However, this earthy tone works just perfectly. Thanks to the incorporation of the amber-color glass chandelier, the entire picture seems to glow! The metal wire shelf is sufficient for decorative and practical purposes. With the addition of the bronze hanging chandelier the yellow is somewhat neutralized and more pleasing on the eyes!

Earthy yellow dining room with a wooden table, a bronze chandelier and some metal wall art

Of course, the Aspen 7-piece dining table is astounding and brings a tinge of elegance to the room. If this were in my house, would you accept my dinner invitation? Come on now, don't we shy!

Ah, The Calm Bedroom

For my next interior design idea, I wanted to create a bedroom that would lull you to sleep, as soon as you entered. With the somewhat muted and neutral colors, I think I've achieved this excellently. The Ombre Earth Curtain is excellent and fits the arrangement perfectly. Although a little light would shine through, these magnificent curtains are capable of eliminating ambient light and creating a shaded room.

Bedroom decoration with a Persian area rug, a tufted chair and an ombre earth pair of curtains

Don't you think you could just fall to asleep in the tufted chair? I can feel myself getting sleepy just looking at it.

My Tuscany Bookcase Design

I wanted to add another beauty to my collection, so I chose a small corner area for my next backdrop. A light sandy, interior paint was perfect, so I added a tall, dark wooden bookcase to the display. I filled the shelf with several white ceramic vases, which would balance out the dark walnut wood.

Dark wooden bookcase decoration with vases and silk plants

I have always been a fan of house plants, so I choose a short ferny plant and placed it on the right side of the shelf. A tall artificial cornstalk plant would sufficiently conceal the corner from view. I topped the design off with some Tuscan wall decor, which definitely added the perfect Italian appeal.

I hope you have enjoyed my interior designs for today! Be sure to incorporate the basic tips below into your design to pull everything together.

  • Choose dark mahogany stained woods
  • Stick with muted colors to create a calm environment
  • Plants make a home feel more lived-in and relaxed

Is this something you would put into your home? Be sure to let me know!