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Paris Themed Decor for Every Room in Your Home

Paris themed decor has a way of making people feel happy and relaxed. There's just something about Parisian style which continues to enchant people around the world. Its rustic charm is inspired by a city so full of romance and light that it has been immortalized by artists for centuries. I'm such a huge fan of Paris decorations that I've put together a large collection of them, and I want to share my favorite items of the year with you today.

Paris Landscape

Are you wondering how to incorporate Paris themed home decor into your current style? As this guide will show, there's a way to make it work for you no matter what your personal taste may be. I believe this style has been popular for so long precisely because it is so versatile.

Which room should you start with first? I've tailored this series of Paris decorating ideas to each room in the house, then broken them down into a range of different looks for each room. The tips in these articles can be applied to any project you dream up, in any style of decorating.

I hope you see some looks you fall in love with here. Check out these style guides and have fun with your new Parisian decor!

Wall Decor

If you're looking to give a room a facelift without the commitment of buying new furniture, Paris wall decor is the way to go. It's an affordable way to add this style to your home without having to make a huge commitment. Any time you feel like a change, just. I have three virtual interiors to share with you in this article, each inspired by a different wall color.

It's incredible what a new paint color and fresh wall decor can do to transform a space. I'll show you three examples of how to use a wall color to your advantage and find the best Parisian home decor to match your walls, as well as your own personal style.

We'll start with a space that is typical of homes found in Paris. It has high ceilings, wooden floors, and crown moldings on a white wall, so it already has a lot of natural charm. I chose a sweet, soft color palette to emulate the warmth and beauty of the Parisian way of life.

Then we'll look at a moss green room and a gray room. Both are excellent neutral colors to dress up with Paris decorations, and I think you'll agree the results have a lot of charm and dramatic appeal.

Living Rooms

The home base of your operations is the room you spend the most time in. So, in a way, the living room is the most important room in your home. If your household shares your love of Parisian home decor, then there's no better place to try it out. In this article, I'll share some Paris decorating ideas to make any living room come to life with this elegant style.

The living rooms here are all on the more modern side to make sure this room can be enjoyed by any member of your family. A clean, contemporary style works well to balance the richness of Parisian decor.

The images in this article are all great examples of how to mix various styles together in a way that works harmoniously in your space. From a crisp and modern space with sky blue walls, to a cozy neutral reading nook decorated with large, dramatic decor, I'll help you find the right mix of elements for your living space.

The final virtual design is my absolute favorite. I think it's a great example of how to successfully blend glamour, nostalgia, and contemporary furniture in just the right proportions.


In this three-part guide to Paris bathroom decor, we explore how to dress up this often neglected room with Paris themed decorations you'll love being around.

The first room is traditional and feminine with dusty rose walls. Its ornate white furnishings would make a great vanity for a beauty queen and offers storage for makeup and perfume.

Next we travel to the more down-to-earth, rustic side of this style. With taupe tile walls, a reclaimed vanity, and soft natural textiles, it's a comfortable sanctuary.

The last room is striking and modern, with clean lined black furniture and pops of red color (a hallmark of French interior design).


Who doesn't love a Paris themed bedroom? This is a room in which you can go for a more ornate style which might feel overwhelming in a living room. This is your private sanctuary, so make it a beautiful place to rest and relax with Paris themed decorations.

These rooms are linked by one common element: a large chandelier. This is an essential part of any stylish bedroom, in my opinion, especially when going for this kind of look. I chose four different chandeliers to suit the shape and color of each room.

In the first two designs, I used very ornate, textured wallpaper as an accent wall behind the bed. This is a great way to use flashy prints without making the whole room too busy.

The next room illustrates how to decorate a small space without sacrificing style. I also included a pink bedroom suitable for a young girl, since this style is currently all the rage in girls' bedrooms. Many of the elements here can easily be replaced if, and when, she decides to change the look of the room in a few years' time.

Bedding Sets

There are so many options when it comes to Paris themed bedding. It's available in almost every color and style, but it's important that you tailor your Paris decorations carefully to your bedroom. In this article, I highlight some of my favorite picks in four photo collages.

We begin with bright red pops of color. You may have noticed this in my other guides to Parisian style. It's a trick that's easy to accomplish with a few choice red items such as the fun throw pillows, rug, and heart sculpture I've picked out for this romantic room.

I let my passion for purple run wild in the next room with purple wallpaper tempered with black and white elements.

I also included a room designed for a woman in her 20s since this is a popular look for young, stylish women. It uses strategically placed pops of pink to keep things young and fresh.

Finally, an ultra-modern black and white bedspread is paired with some luxurious curtains in a deep teal which contrasts nicely with the neutrals in the rest of the room.