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The Ultimate Decor for a Paris Themed Bedroom

If you love all things Parisian as much as I do, you're always on the hunt for new Paris home decor to add to your bedroom. This is your sanctuary, your palace, your ultimate den of relaxation- it's the one place you can let your imagination run wild and add all of those luxurious details which might overpower other rooms in your home. Bring on the chandeliers, bring on the frilly wallpaper, bring on the luxurious rugs- anything goes when you're decorating with Paris bedroom decor!

Of course, you'll want to keep these indulgent elements in harmony with the rest of the room, and I'll show you how to do that with a few simple tips. I've illustrated four dream rooms below in order to give you practical examples of how to decorate a Paris themed room. These rooms may be fancy, but they're pleasing and relaxing to the eye because each element is kept in perfect balance. Don't be afraid to go a little bit overboard on a few key items- this is your room, after all. Try one of the following ideas for a Paris themed bedroom to create your own cozy getaway in this luxurious style!

A Sweet and Sophisticated Boudoir

This bright, tall-ceilinged Paris bedroom is the height of luxury, balanced with understated and calming shades of lilac and tan. This show-stopping chandelier called for a sense of calm in the rest of the furnishings. When you're going for opulent-looking statement pieces it's vital that your color palette be toned down accordingly.

A large bedroom with a fancy round chandelier, tan furniture, and purple accents

I used a gorgeous wallpaper embossed with a textural lace print, but kept it to one wall behind the bed so as not to overwhelm the room with its dramatic pattern. This wallpaper is truly special, so I topped it with an equally precious-looking framed painting which is a reproduction of one of the old masters of French painting. This is, of course, much more affordable than buying an original, yet still offers the visual charm of high-class decor and gives you the sense of owning a piece of history. I tied in the painting's gold frame with a gold Eifel Tower figurine and a gold framed standing mirror- two very feminine touches.

A little purple goes a long way, so I strategically included this royal color in just a few key textiles. The large shag area rug is a pretty pale lilac color and feels sumptuous underfoot, while the decorative pillows and throw on the bed add a touch of rich satin sheen. I chose several pieces of decorative furniture in a light tan color which creates a calm area of rest for the eyes, and is a harmonious compliment to the cool purples in the room. The tan, tufted headboard has the look of luxury without the price tag, and matches perfectly with the rustic antique-looking tan bedside tables. I added more Paris room decor with some tan ottomans and throw pillows in a matching print.

High Parisian Style in High Contrast

The Paris room ideas in this next illustration are easy to recreate. Simply use some bold black and white prints and balance the rest of the room by keeping it simple. The high contrast elements of the room are toned down by relaxing tones of warm off-white and tan.

Large patterned black and white wallpaper, white and tan furniture, and printed duvet

Once again I've chosen a textured wall paper with an ornate pattern but kept it from being too loud by limiting it to one accent wall behind the bed. The chandelier fits perfectly with this wallpaper, as it mirrors the shapes in the decorative wallpaper pattern. I created a sense of continuity to this monochromatic motif by incorporating novel types of Paris bedroom decor like the duvet cover, pillows, and ottoman which all share this theme and color palette.

Your Charming Little Corner of the World

In this virtual design, I give you some Paris room ideas for small spaces. You may not have the luxury of a large room with high ceilings, but if you love the look, why not maximize the charm of a small space with Paris room decor? Adding touches of visual interest, no matter how small they are, can elevate your room's style to the next level, as I think you'll see here.

An attic with sloped ceiling, large chandelier, and tan decor with some black accents

I used my popular and time-tested strategy of an accent wall with decorative wallpaper, but this time my accent wall was narrow and limited by a low, sloped attic ceiling. As you can see, this trick still works as well as it did in the previous rooms. I kept the large chandelier close to the ceiling, for practical reasons, and chose a low table and low hanging mirror to suit the scale of this small space. I added a second wall feature, this time on a large scale, with a fun Paris wall decal.

A Pink Room fit for a Princess

Paris rooms for girls are very popular right now, and I think it's safe to say that any girl who loves pink will feel at home in this elegant room. That pink chandelier is divine! But what if her favorite color changes a few years from now?

A young girl's bedroom in different shades of pink, with simple white furniture

In order to accommodate the quickly changing tastes of children, my strategy here was to apply some old-world charm onto a base of clean modern elements. Simply change the decorative elements in the room, and you can transform the space in a few years' time to suit her changing sense of style. This will allow you to redecorate the room easily without buying an entirely new set of furniture. You can even keep some of the Parisian decor for yourself and use it in another room of your home. It's a win-win situation!

The wall decals, decorative wall art, and small figurine could definitely be repurposed in another room of your home, and the simple white furniture will stand the test of time no matter what style she dreams up for this room next.

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