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Paris Themed Bedding to Fall in Love With

I often encounter different styles of Paris themed bedding throughout my travels online and in person. I thought I would highlight a few of my current favorite finds for you in one place. This array of bedroom decor covers a range of styles from feminine and romantic, to nostalgic, to bright and modern. Depending on your particular taste when it comes to designing a comfortable Paris themed bedroom, you're sure to find something here to suit your taste and help you create the room of your dreams.

For each virtual design board, I began with a Paris themed comforter as my jumping off point. Inspired by each of these fabulous finds, I selected a range of similar coordinating decor. Then I hand picked a selection of mirrors, wall art, clocks, throw pillows, and even cozy rugs and slippers in order to create a vision for the overall mood of each room. I hope you will come away with some inspiration and ideas on how these elements can work together to match your own unique style. When it comes to choosing these items, go with what you love to create a bedroom you feel passionate about!

The City of Love

They say Paris is the city of love. It's a popular destination for honeymoons because of its stunning natural beauty, romantic sightseeing attractions, and the beauty of the French language itself. It's an unforgettable experience for the senses. So what theme could be more perfect for creating a romantic bedroom design?

Collage of bedroom accessories in black, white, and red surrounding a white bed

This Parisian comforter is one of the cutest I've seen, so I let it be my inspiration for all of the other items in this collage. Its playful red accents were easy to match with other bright red pieces like the comfy high-pile rug, some Parisian wall art with the pop of a red umbrella, and the small sculpture with red hearts.

The textiles I here are equally fun and flirtatious, featuring bright red lips and a graphic winking eye. I also found some Paris style cushions- one in the simple red, white, and blue stripes of the national flag, and the other in a pattern printed with historical landmarks. A similar pattern decorates the classy storage box, and topping it all off is a romantic alarm clock with a vintage floral design.

A Passion for Purple

Purple is a wonderful shade to choose when going for a romantic style that offers something a bit different than traditional pink or red. Especially when paired with basic black and gray, as I've done here, it offers an allure that's rich and subtle. It's not something you see every day, and it's a simple way to add a sense of mystery to any room.

The Paris themed throw pillows here represent the three shades of this winning color palette of purple, black, and gray. They have a wonderfully soft texture which echoes the textured wallpaper in a rich black and purple pattern.

A white bed, purple and black wallpaper, gray curtains, and matching accent pieces

The duvet cover stands out against the dark wall, in a stark white decorated with faded script, photographs, and purple details. A room this relaxing would not be complete without some soothing white floral elements and a purple sleep mask to help you have a restful night's sleep.

Pink Champagne

Pink accents on glam decor are a fun way to create a younger, more modern look. Pink is fresh and bright, perfect for any sophisticated lady in her ‘20s who loves Paris themed decor.

This Paris themed comforter sets the tone for the whole room with its bright, punchy graphics. It has a hand-drawn graffiti style that is hip and edgy, while light pink keeps it on the sweeter side. I've thrown some soft textiles into the mix with a white throw blanket for relaxing, and a baby pink pillow to match the comforter.

Collage of pink and black satin curtains pink and black pillows and wall art around a bed

The ornate silver mirror frame and nightstands pair perfectly with Paris style curtains in a pink metallic floral design. Shimmering and feminine, these curtains are a special find.

Rich Royal Blue

These peacock blues in rich fabrics create the look of modern luxury. Paired with simple black and white prints and neutrals elsewhere in the room, teal blue is a beautiful and versatile accent color. I picked a comforter and matching set of pillows in a graphic black and white print which create a contemporary pop art look against the sumptuous royal blues.

Deed teal curtains around a black and white bed with matching pillows on a white rug

Paris style curtains are usually extra tall, as they are made to fit the high ceilings typically found in Parisian homes. If your ceilings are lower than you'd like, you can create the illusion of height by hanging long curtains from the top of the ceiling to the floor. It's a great way to create the illusion that your windows are floor-to-ceiling as well. Drape them in a loose puddle on the floor for an extra touch of luxury, and you'll be sleeping in style like a queen.