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3 Ways to Pamper Yourself with Paris Bathroom Decor

The bathroom is your own relaxing oasis. As such, I believe it should be decorated with just as much care as the rest of the home. Just because it's a more private room doesn't mean it should be ignored. If anything, it should be treated as a sacred space- one that guests to your home will enjoy the experience of as well.

So, if you already have some Paris bedding in your bedroom why not match it with an elegant bathroom? Tie it all together with symmetrical elements, luxurious natural fabrics, and rustic decor to create a peaceful powder room that's as relaxing as a spa.

All of the rules which I shared with you previously for decorating in an authentic Parisian style can be applied to the bathroom. Read the complete guide here to learn the rest of my Parisian style design secrets. They're practical tips you can use anywhere, so try them out by dressing up your bathroom in one of the charming motifs below.

A Pink Parisian Powder Room

If you enjoy spending time on your makeup and hair as much as I do, why not treat yourself to a Paris themed bathroom? There's a charming silver table mirror shaped like the Eifel Tower for powdering your nose up-close. I gave a complete makeover to every detail of this pretty pink room. It's truly fit for a beauty queen.

A feminine white vanity and white mirror with pale pink walls and pink flower arrangements

The stark white mirror and vanity with a built-in sink are both decorated with carved embellishments and stand out against the pink wall. I chose these large and impressive pieces to give the room a sense of grand luxury. No one needs to know just how affordable this look can be to achieve. The clean white decorative surfaces and the symmetry I've created with two wall sconces and floral arrangements create a feeling of tranquility. The white tile floor and white light fixtures continue the clean, refined porcelain look throughout the room. The whole look is “très chic”!

To keep this look soft and soothing, I went for a dusty vintage pink wall color rather than a bright pink. This faded shade looks as if it could have graced the walls of a Parisian candy shop in the 1920s. It's as subtle as it is sweet. Fresh pink roses are a finishing touch that can really make you feel special- even if they are artificial, that just means they will last longer. Some decorative plaques and Paris themed bathroom accessories on the vanity are the finishing details.

Rustic Romantic Charm

Here is another take on a Paris themed bathroom. This time, I kept things a bit more relaxed with warm neutral tones and a farmhouse chic style interior. Everything about this posh setting looks elegant and down to earth- full of natural beauty.

As in the previous room, this bathroom vanity also has a built in sink, and drawers to keep your hair and beauty products hidden underneath. This extra storage really helps to keep the sink area calm and uncluttered, especially when you don't have room for a wall mounted vanity cabinet to hold your precious bits and baubles. The vanity is finished with an aged, antiqued look which is a charming detail not often seen in bathrooms. As I said, I'm of the belief that every room in the home should be decorated with equal care. Don't skip the flowers on the bathroom vanity, either. The extra joy they will bring you every morning is invaluable.

A rustic bathroom with taupe walls and vanity, dark brown rug and butterfly shower curtain

In keeping with this rustic charm, I included some soft textiles in natural fibers. A fabric basket printed with a Paris stamp makes for a cute casual towel-holder as an alternative to a towel rack. The rich chocolate brown bathmat and matching ottoman add warmth and texture.

The tile wall is a mottled taupe color which blends seamlessly with the vanity and shower. The Paris shower curtain with a large butterfly, rose, and Eifell Tower printed on a faded handwritten script is a special find that adds even more romance to this lovely space.

A Modern Industrial Edge

I tried something different in this final space and created a cool modern place to hang your Paris themed bathroom decor. The rough texture of the stone wall works with the simple black and white wall accents and metallic hardware to create a hip industrial modern style.

This color palette is similar to that of the glamorous living room I designed in my Paris Themed Living Room looks. Sticking to black and gray with a few pops of red is a winning formula for a contemporary color scheme, and it works equally well for men or women. The symmetry in this room would work for a bathroom shared by a couple, and the vintage posters on the wall for French cologne and perfume seem to suggest that as well. They are perfectly centered with the double-armed black and white wall sconces, which provide soft lighting and charming black hardware which looks like aged wrought iron.

A tall stone wall with black and white posters and a black counter with silver drawer handles

In fitting with the minimal look of the industrial style, I limited the Parisian decor to a few choice items. The waste basket and the shower curtain share a graphic black and white printed style. Since no paris bathroom decor would be complete without flowers, I placed a sunning orchid on the vanity and a matching red bathmat in a comfortable medium pile on the tile floor.