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Are Your Walls Feeling Bare? Make Waves with Nautical Wall Art

Is your home a bit lost when it comes to style? Decorating with nautical wall art is a quick and easy pick-me-up to add a timeless and relaxed style to your home. Rather than do a complete style overhaul, start small with some accents for your walls. Climb aboard and explore the three virtual rooms I've created to bring some sea-worthy inspiration to your walls!

This style is close to the hearts of boating enthusiasts. Even if you've never experienced the thrilling freedom of being out on the high seas, you can easily bring that carefree feeling into your home with nautical wall decorations. This style is fun and laid back, making it popular in homes around the world. Just as everyone can wear stripes, every home can easily adopt this look. Thinking about trying it out? Here are some tips to steer you in the right direction!

A Cozy Cabin by the Sea with Whitewashed Walls

This room feels so inviting, with traditional taupe furniture centered around a fireplace. Here, I've used one of the classic designer tricks for creating a seaside look- whitewashed walls. In this case, I went for printed wallpaper in a very pale green shade to show you that you can get this look on a budget even if you don't have wooden walls in your home to begin with.

Pale green wood print wallpaper, wooden ceiling beams, a dark red fireplace, and tan furniture

Using the natural texture of wood is another great way to get this style. The wooden floor, ceiling, and built-in wooden beams set the stage. I selected a coffee table made of reclaimed wood in order to evoke that rough charm of materials that have been naturally aged by the wind and the waves. The ship's steering wheel and paddle mounted above the mantle echo the wooden elements.

I decked the walls with treasures, including some nautical metal art in the form of two cool matching wall sconces, framing the fireplace. Nautical art prints of antique maps with an anchor and steering wheel motif complete the look.

A Smart Symmetrical Seating Room in Navy and White Stripes

You can almost feel the sea breeze blow through this fresh and airy room. Keeping the colors light and simple means we can afford to splash out on some nautical wall decorations. The ones I've selected for this room are particularly fun. Check out the three round mirrors framed to look like a ship's portholes and the rustic metal pendant lights.

I threw in some bookends shaped like an anchor and propeller, and a rope light and wooden lantern on the side table. The patterned wallpaper doesn't compete for attention, as it seems to recede into the background with its calm taupe pattern of rippling waves.

A large white sofa in front of taupe wallpaper with a white wave print, and two pale wooden tables

A sense of symmetry is key here to maintain calm and balance, so I anchored the room with a modern white couch and hung wooden paddles in an “x” above it to center the room visually. The oversized pendants on either side of the paddles are perfectly lined up with the two outer porthole mirrors. The crisp white and navy stripes on the large area rug lead the eye into the room, and are echoed in the nautical themed pillows in a matching color palette.

Smooth Sailing in This Elegant Blue and Green Study

After a long day, everyone could use a quiet place to get away from it all. I designed this study to be a soothing safe haven in which to quietly read a book or plan your next adventure. The faded robin's egg wall paint is a soft shade of blue that's easy on the eyes and it looks great with the warm toned accents.

These nautical art prints have the look of faded treasure maps, creating a sense of history and intrigue. I've placed them in a loose, organic grouping to keep things flowing naturally. To tie in them in to the rest of the room, I included some fun rope lamps in the same shade of straw. This warm color is a perfect compliment to the pale grayish-blue walls.

A grayish blue wall decorated with yellowed maps framed in black, a rustic table, and a soft tan chair

The nautical metal art in this room includes a small compass to bring some nautical flair. A round mirror resembling a metallic porthole to gives you the sense that you are captain of your own ship as you sit in the metal-studded armchair.

To add some texture, I brought in a large area rug with blue, green, and white stripes. These colors are perfectly matched to the drawers of the rustic wooden side table, which I filled with other nautical decor such as a model sailboat and some decorative anchors.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to have some fun with this look! Be sure to check out my other article with nautical decorating ideas for many more tips you can use to decorate your bedroom and bathroom in this cool style as well.