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Incorporating a Tuscan Style Sofa in Your Living Space

Hey there! I know you're enjoying probably getting tired of all my Tuscan decorating ideas, but I am not finished quite yet! Don't roll your eyes at me! Anyway, lets get down to business. Last night, I played around with a handful of home interior designs, which incorporate the use of a Tuscan style sofa. Shall we wade right in?

The Tuscany Sitting Room

I have worked diligently perfecting a Tuscany sitting room picture like no other and here is how I achieved this look. The golden yellow wall backdrop says Italy, by itself, but I wanted to pizzazz it up a bit. I selected a unique wooden mirror for the wall centerpiece and surrounded it with two wall scones.

My next click brought a rectangular, wooden wall shelf, which was absolutely beautiful, but I wanted to even out the scenery, so I choose a variety of ceramic vases of all sizes and colors. I added two fancy chests with a very light floral pattern and placed it on the top of the shelf, as well.

Sitting room with an ivory area rug, a wooden coffee table and two Tuscan armchairs

A sitting room would not be a sitting room, without chairs. I wanted to add a seat that would look comfortable and roomy, so I selected the accent armchair. The pattern would definitely bring out the beauty of the room once my picture was complete. I placed a round, wooden table in the center of the room and topped it off with a floral orb set and tray. I took a second to look at my design and it is definitely inviting.

Looking Out Into the Hillside

There are certainly a handful of ways to use stylish sofas to beautifully decorate a room, but this one is one of my favorites. Don't you just love the window mural? It's absolutely stunning and displays the romantic hills and vineyards. You can also add a 5 light chandelier, as I have done in the sample, to bring more dramatics and attention to this beautiful masterpiece.

Rustic interior decorated with an amber sofa and a Tuscany wall mural

All that is missing is a rustic coffee table, but you could easily add that to your home, if you desired. Couldn't you sit on the sofa all day and dream of the horses roaming the hills of Tuscany?

My Wall Decor

With this design, I wanted it to be different, so I chose orange, floral patterned wallpaper, as the backdrop. I placed a black iron, Fleur de Lef clock, in the center of the room and then added two French Country Wall Lamps with a cream colored shade. This would coordinate the color palette perfectly, which is exactly what I was trying to achieve. Of course, you could use scones, if you want to attain a different look.

Warm home decor featuring a brown sofa and an antique wall clock between two bronze lamps

My next click brought a brown, soft leather couch and several sofa pillows with beautiful patterns. I had a large wall gap to fill, which was located above the sofa, so I selected a four piece -metal- Tuscan wall decor to fill it.

The Cheerful, Bright Tuscan Living Room

For families that want to be able to brighten up their rooms, I decided to put together a brighter interior, which is complete with a comfortable Tuscan sofa. For this design, I decided to leave things a little bare. The super soft drapes could be used to darken the room, but I'd prefer them open in this sense. Finally, the metal wall decor adds a colorful little addition to the muteness of the room.

Living room decorated with a vintage leather sofa and gorgeous blackout curtains

Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, when designing your own Tuscan living room.

Well, how did you like it? Let me know what you think about these designs!