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Immerse Yourself in the Carefree Style of Nautical Theme Decor

Nautical theme decor continues to be a popular trend throughout many styles of interior decorating. It's an extremely versatile motif that can be carefree and rustic or refined and elegant with the help of a few design strategies. No matter which look you go for, it's a theme that's guaranteed to make you and your guests feel happy and relaxed.

Nautical Landscape

There are many ways to achieve the look depending on your personal style preferences. Do you lean more toward a look that's historic, soft and traditional, or bold and modern? Antique looking details such as maps and reclaimed wood can give any room a sense of history. For a softer style, keep things bright with white and pastel blues. Or, go for the bold, graphic navy and white stripes of sailors, which lend themselves perfectly to a classic modern style.

Luckily, there's a way to make each of those styles work beautifully to evoke an undersea or seaside feeling. I'll show you how today, with these three informative articles created to give you some fresh nautical decorating ideas.

Let's get started!

Wall Art

In this guide to the world of nautical wall art, I'll introduce you to the endless possibilities of this style. Your walls will come to life with this ocean-inspired art. Beginning with a neutral wall color, you can unleash your creativity upon the room to create any one of these three styles.

First, we'll visit a cozy cabin. I'll share some tips on how to recreate this relaxed ocean-side retreat in your own home. Use natural materials such as aged wood to create the look of old furniture that has been worn down by the elements.

I explore the simple Navy-inspired style of navy blue and white stripes in a symmetrical, clean-lined living room. I chose statement wall art here in the form of large metal porthole mirrors and matching metal pendant lamps. The center of the wall is anchored with two crossed paddles. Everything here is big and bold, in keeping with the large stripes. Lastly, a quiet study shows a more tranquil side to the nautical look, with charming details such as faded treasure maps and a model sailboat.


Cool Ideas for a Nautical Themed Bathroom.

Visit this article to see some novel ideas for this style you might not have seen before. It's important to keep an open mind and have fun with this look, and since the bathroom is your private sanctuary, why not start there?

The first look is a delightful mix of funky and traditional elements. My favorite discoveries here were the matching his-and-hers' porthole mirrors with aged metal frames. What a cool touch. Colorful sculptures of sea life bring the rest of this interior to life, so continue the feeling of being on a boat when you enter this room.

Bedding Sets

When you step into a bedroom, the bed tends to be the central focus of the room, so your choice of duvet, sheets, and pillows is key in informing the impression created by the room as a whole. Check out this article for three unique styles of nautical themed bedding to spark your imagination. The nautical decor ideas in this article are classic and timeless, creating three interiors which feel calm and relaxed, helping you to get a more restful night's sleep.

The first room uses the classic striped motif to decorate an entire bedroom beginning with a striped nautical sheet set. From there, I extended the pattern to the wall in horizontally striped wallpaper on a smaller scale so as not to compete with the bedding. You can't go wrong with this classic striped look, especially if you are just starting to explore this style of decorating and are looking for an easy bedroom makeover.

Then we'll visit a more traditional expression of the nautical look with historic details such as a printed quilt. I matched it with a faded looking print of ocean maps on the walls to create a romantic sense of nostalgia- perfect for a bedroom, don't you think?

I hope you glean some new inspirations from these nautical decor tips. Have fun with this carefree look and make it your own. And as always, please share your results with me, I'd love to see them!