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How to Tame the Bold Look of Zebra Room Decor

When I’m looking for a graphic accent to dress up a room, time and again, I find myself reaching for a zebra stripe. This punchy pattern checks all the boxes when it comes to the elements of great home design; it’s bold, classic, and sophisticated all at once. It might just be the perfect pattern!

If your philosophy is “go big or go home”, you absolutely need to have some zebra print decor in your life. This look is decidedly wild, evoking scenes of African safaris which inspire your inner adventurer. At the same time, it can be quite versatile and elegant thanks to its simple black and white palette. No matter what your design goal is, there’s a way to achieve it with style using zebra room decor.

Pair This Bold Pattern with Soft Textures and Muted Gray Tones

The challenge with zebra print room decor is often to keep it from looking too loud or edgy. For this mature and understated contemporary bedroom design, I contrasted clean-lined graphics with soft textures in order to create a well-balanced space with broad appeal.

Gray patterned wallpaper, a black wooden bedframe, black bedside tables, and a large zebra rug.

The feature wall above the bed here is decorated with a soft and feminine wallpaper in light gray and white. This adds visual interest while brightening up the otherwise dark-toned decor. A flowing white embroidered curtain echoes the gently curved lines of the wallpaper and adds a touch of femininity to this dramatic room.

A large high-pile area rug makes waking up a more comfortable experience, and a plush gray and black bedding set mirrors the zebra stripe colors while keeping things crisp and modern with basic pinstripes. All-black decor such as a large pendant lamp, bedside tables, and an upholstered ottoman maintain a sophisticated simplicity.

Simple Stripes Create a Contemporary Bedroom Design

The zebra print wall decor I chose for this room was the inspiration for all the other elements. Grouping several small panels together is a simple and effective way to display your favorite images and set the tone for the rest of the room’s decor. Here, playful photos of zebras and giraffes in the wild create a happy and relaxed feeling. These fun nature prints are bound to make you smile and encourage vital rest and relaxation.

A bright yet muted shade of green adorns the walls, adding fresh color which softens the hard lines of the black and white printed pieces. In sharp contrast to the down-to-earth wall paint, I selected a fierce statement item in the form of a faux animal hide rug. Get an exotic yet cruelty-free look instantly with the bold print of this large, soft rug.

Green walls with square black and white photographs above a white headboard and black duvet.

Simplicity is key in this stylish bedroom. The solid black bedding set stands out against pale hardwood floors. The addition of a white tufted headboard brings a sense of classic femininity to this versatile room. This upholstered piece has a clean look with elegantly curved corners. This sleek shape is repeated in the round zebra print table lamp atop the ebony bedside table.

The addition of a seating area or a large mirror is a great design solution for the challenge of a small space. A printed futon next to the bed offers a quiet place to curl up and read or study. The full-length mirror mounted on the wall is a must-have accessory for fashion lovers, and serves to extend the space of your wardrobe. In my opinion, a large mirror is an essential item for every bedroom. It’s practical and creates the illusion of more space- the next best thing to the luxury of a walk-in closet.

Style a Young and Trendy Bedroom with Fierce Fuchsia

This bedroom is perfect for a young girl, but anyone who’s young at heart can appreciate its fun details! Pink and zebra print decor are a match made in heaven. Just like the soft green used in the previous room, this pink is a medium shade which compliments the high-contrast black and white of the animal print. Bright fuchsia sheets against an oversized black-and-white striped duvet make the bed a stand-out statement piece. The white tufted headboard with nail-head detailing is a luxurious touch.

Pink walls with white trim, patterned upholstery, a wall decal, and a cream area rug.

Continuing the sense of drama in this adorable bedroom are some fun printed seating options, including an upholstered bench and a cozy round bedside chair. The bedside lamps, pendant light, and storage area are all decked out in stripes of a similar scale. To keep everything well coordinated, I continued the motif on novelty items like the light switch plate, lava lamp, and heart-shaped wall decal. A light-colored natural wood floor and pale cream accent rug help to neutralize the energy level of this awesome room and make it a perfect place in which to relax and catch some z’s.