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3 Ways to Design a Modern Bedroom with Fleur de Lis Bedding

The bedroom is your sanctuary of relaxation, so it's important to design it with a well balanced mix of elements you'll enjoy waking up to every morning. A simple way to do this is to pick an interesting historic motif and combine it with modern decor. Today we'll look at how to use fleur de lis bedding to add some carefully considered old world charm to a contemporary bedroom.

This decorative motif really lends itself to this design exercise. While it comes with a host of complex historic and cultural associations behind it, its shape is basic and graphic. The symbol itself is both historic and modern looking at the same time, so it's appropriate to use it throughout many styles of decor, from traditional to contemporary. It represents a simplified flower, which also makes it an appropriate image to decorate a relaxing bedroom.

The following three virtual bedroom designs offer some tips on how to get the right mix of old and new styles with this versatile motif, using the bedding as a starting point for the whole room's decor.

Black and White Drama on Soft Pale Green

This room creates an atmosphere full of historic detail, matched by equally bold modern elements. It's the perfect mix, in my opinion! This black and white printed bedding creates a strong focal point for the room. Its winding natural design resembles the curved wrought iron I've used in my previous articles. I paired this bold bedding set with two decorative pillows in a matching graphic print of black, white, and gray. Their pattern really pops thanks to the simple color palette.

Green floral wallpaper, black and white bedding, and a square wooden headboard with side tables

Pale moss green adds soft color that doesn't compete with the black and white imagery. Because green is a cool tone, it keeps things looking fresh and modern. This particular shade of green can also be found in older homes, and the antique-looking floral wallpaper I chose is a subtle touch of history. Furthering the old-world feeling are two framed prints of rustic imagery. The prints are framed in bold black frames with a white mat, and mirrored by two very contemporary black and white lamps on clean, square bedside tables. I added a sage green area rug for added texture that coordinates with the wall color, and a dramatically oversized modern black lamp.

Can you see yourself waking up in a room with this style?

Muted Natural Colors with Clean Modern Lines

This room is filled with color, but the palette I chose is muted and comforting. Taupe, light blue, and pale gold work very well together to create an overall visual effect that's soothing to look at. The duvet I chose has a luxuriously silky sheen and a traditional paisley pattern. The ample pillows piled casually on the bed create a feeling of abundance and comfort. I chose these three pillows because they work well within the established color palette.

Chocolate brown and blue curtains behind a bed with wooden headboard and blue and brown pillows

I focused on the elements of color and texture in this comfortable room. The dark drapes create a feature wall behind the bed, in richly textured chocolate brown and light blue. Their simple, modern pattern balances out the historic looking paisley printed bedspread.

When I did use this symbol, I placed it sparingly throughout the room in strategic places. The fleur de lis wall art is a richly textured print on aged looking paper which I framed in simple black to keep it feeling modern. The matching reading lamps on the wooden bedside tables are simple yet elegant, with antiqued bronze shapes you almost don't notice at first glance.

Gold Accents on Contemporary Black and White

This bedroom is truly regal, with a very current style. Here, the symbol used as a modern graphic element with a very simplified form. Touches of old-world finish here and there maintain a reference to the symbol's history without placing the room in the past.

White textured wallpaper behind a black leather headboard and black and yellow bedding

This white embossed wallpaper is a gorgeous way to add texture. Its subtle print fades into the background as its overall solid white effect lets the bold black elements stand out in contrast. This bed is definitely the center of the room's focus, with a large gold pattern silhouetted against solid black fabric. Some old world wall art in bronze mirrors the duvet cover's large pattern, and a warm gold lampshade and print on the wall top off this striking look.