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How to Create a Paris Themed Living Room with an Authentic Parisian Charm

What better room to showcase your love of Parisian style than your living space- it is, after all, the heart of your home, and likely the room you spend the most time in. In this guide, I'll share three unique ways to create a Paris themed living room while incorporating your own personal decorating flair. Whether you are a fan of bright colors, glamour, or spare black and white, you will see there's a way to make a living room your own while making it beautifully Parisian.

The great thing about the look of typical Parisian interiors is that they tend to incorporate a mix of several styles of decor. This means you can relax and enjoy mixing in elements you enjoy- from traditional, to vintage, to modern elements- anything goes when you stick to the right colors and proportions. That's what I'll show you how to do today. Let's have some fun along the way with these Paris living room ideas.

A Bright Bouquet of Blue

I designed this understated yet elegant room with a floral theme in mind, but I wanted to keep the space inviting to those whose taste is not necessarily so feminine. I accomplished this by keeping the details simple and modern, and using a basic blue and white color palette. The end result is a Paris style living room the whole family can enjoy.

A classic living room with white furniture and many shades of blue

In order to keep the flowers in the room subtle, I used only a small bouquet of fresh white flowers and a blue and white floral patterned rug. The blue and white throw pillows make reference to the rug with a different decorative pattern, creating a casual mix and match look. Continuing this theme, I included many different shades of blue. There's no need to stick to one shade when you're after this modern French style. I picked a sky blue wall color to keep the room bright and airy, and contrasted it with a dark blue sofa. The bright blue piece of Parisian wall art makes the whole space modern and adds an interesting texture with its loose brush strokes.

A Black and White Reading Room

With the ample natural light provided by sheer curtains on a large window, this would be a great place to curl up in the sun with a good French book. It would also make an impressive space in which to entertain, thanks to the fun piece of oversized decor I found. The triptych featuring a graphic print of the Eifel Tower is dramatic and makes the scale of this high-ceilinged room seem even larger. The cow print rug is playful and adds a luxurious texture to the plain parquet floors.

A modern interior with a white armchair, large cowhide rug, and Eifel Tower painting

I couldn't help myself from throwing in a few nostalgic decorative elements like the vintage book collections and teacup. But for the most part, this room keeps the Paris living room decorations really simple. A modern white armchair is always a good idea when going for this stripped-down modern look, as its comfortable without adding any unnecessary ornament. Finally, some basic black side tables tie together the black elements in the art, rug, and lamp base. The result is a fairly minimal look with some novel elements.

Modern Glamour Meets Parisian Charm

This room was my chance to splash out and include all of my favorite decorating styles, including a healthy dose of glamour! The color palette is an ultra modern black, gray, and red, with some taupe accents to add warmth. You can't go wrong with a black leather sectional and matching ottoman when it comes to making a serious statement. The sofa's flat metal legs match the white and silver coffee table. What really makes the room shine is that decadent, glimmering crystal chandelier. It tops off an altogether luxurious and very French look.

A white room with a glamorous black leather sectional and crystal chandelier

The Paris wall art at the back of the room is a clever way to add dimension and visual interest. I've covered it in richly patterned taupe wallpaper, and Paris decor for the living room such as a sepia toned photograph and vintage brass alarm clock. The shag rug in the same warm color adds a touch of luxurious comfort underfoot against the minimal white floor.

Finally, I added some carefully placed punches of red, which I feel elevate this room into something polished enough to be in a magazine. Try it yourself with by picking up a bouquet of bright red roses on your way home and see how they bring a room to life. There are also some hints of red in the Paris themed prints on the far wall.

Just looking at this living room makes me happy, almost as if I was in Paris. I hope you feel the same way and have found some inspiration in these rooms you can try in your own home.