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From Drab to Fab! Revamp Your Rooms with Tuscan Wall Decor

After getting bored over the weekend, I decided to browse the Internet for some new interior design ideas. I discovered that Tuscan wall decor was surprisingly popular. Who knew? Not little old me! Italian and Tuscan interior design is beautiful!

After scouring through pictures I decided to pull of my own designs. After a few hours and many, many clicks later, I came up with some sample interior designs comprised of warm neutral tones that seduce the senses with an intoxicating allure and style.

The Tuscany Fireplace Gallery

I started out with the base, which is a natural stacked stone and then aligned the electric fireplace insert perfectly, in the center of the wall. I added a brick-red stone fireplace base to phase out some of the gray background coloring, so that it would not be so overwhelming.

Rustic fireplace decoration with a wooden mantel shelf, some candle holders and an elegant wall clock

I wanted to keep the natural appeal throughout the picture, so I added a wooden mantel above the fireplace. This Tuscan wall decor would definitely draw attention, but it just needed something else, so I added some dark wooden, pillar candleholders. Of course, I had to decide how I wanted to arrange these on the mantel, but I wanted them to blend in with the design, so I chose to organize these from tallest to shortest, which turned out beautifully.

My next step was to select a wall centerpiece. I instantly selected the dark wooden, round clock. I wanted to add a home decor to the bass of my fireplace, so I just happened upon the beautiful metal cylinder vases. These have the most splendid brown and green colors, which would blend in perfectly with my Tuscany fireplace gallery design.

The Warm, Earthy Orange Wall

For this decor, I first settled for an earthy base, which encapsulates a tinge of red and orange. Unlike the two colors alone, this background is pleasant on the eyes and creates a peaceful environment. By using the greens on the vase and those within the floral display, the complimentary colors work excellently together! With a few more clicks, I added the whites, which helped to neutralize the oranges, within the backdrop. I would imagine that the candles would produce an otherworldly display, at night.

Warm wall decoration with earthy tones and framed artwork

The two paintings are encircled beautifully by whites and blacks and actually play as the makeshift focal points. Finally, I made my final changes and added the table and two bowls. The antique bowl drives the eye away from the almost all-consuming oil paintings.

The Elegant Tuscan Wine Rack

For this one, I immediately selected a background that everyone could enjoy. Who doesn’t love a neutral tile background and wine? Just remember guys, the wine is for decor purposes and not sippy time! Anyway, the wine and Tuscan wall art helped to create an old pub like atmosphere. The lights and their globes were perfect for the arrangement and I added them quickly!

Wine themed wall decoration featuring rustic wine racks and a centerpiece framed print with grapes and fruits

The picture of the bottom cabinet quickly stood out, since it matched the color of the wine holders perfectly. Once I found the wall art centerpiece, I knew I needed something to pull in the viewer’s eye. It is exceptionally difficult to not stare at the painting in the center, isn’t it? This little piece fits together perfectly like a freshly painted hand full of fingernails.

The Homey and Rustic Room

Mediterranean wall decoration with wrought iron grilles,  tiffany lamps and stylish home decor accents

I discovered the cabinet and hanging shelf, which perfectly complimented one another. Although the decorative items on the top mantel are attractive, my intent was to force the viewer to respond to the beautiful lamps, as soon as they entered the room. As the only true source of dynamic colors, they tend to become the center of attention. Finally, the Tuscan wall grille set, inspired by a Mediterranean theme, forces the eye to remain concentrated on this generalized area.

The Tuscany Home Entryway

I decided to do one final interior design sample, in the full frontal approach and this is what I ended up with.

Italian entryway decoration idea with wooden floor, ivory area runner and Fleur De Lis metal panels

I wanted to use a stone that had the same color and texture throughout. The multi-shaped colored stoned backdrop that I selected would allow me the opportunity to blend in more browns, gold, and blacks, into the overall design. I choose the large rustic, round clock to place on the upper left hand corner. The clock’s face consists of multiple colors including red, gray, and cream, which would invite Tuscany into my design.

I chose a large, unique decorative vase to sit by the entranceway, which would definitely draw attention. Then, I added a round, metal table, which had rivets embedded into the display. This feature definitely reminded me of Tuscany, so I decided to place a matching table on the left wall. I have always been a huge fan of Tiffany lamps, so I found one and placed it on the round, entryway table.

An entryway would not be an entryway, without a Persian designed floor runner. This would definitely offer a welcoming appeal to a Tuscany designed picture. Now I had to add some decor to the white wall, in the hallway. This small area would definitely draw attention, since it is the main focal point of my picture. The wall art that I selected contains Fleur De Lis, which says, “Italy” better than anything else, I could have chosen. I topped it off with a large potted leafy plant.

Achieving the Tuscan Feel in Your Walls

Here are some valuable tips you can use to decorate your walls:

  • Stick with earthy and muted colors.
  • Incorporate decorative objects with gold, rust, and brown tones to create a calm and soothing atmosphere.
  • Create a focal point and build everything else around that generalized area, in order to create harmony.