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Finding the Right Type of Gray Chevron Rug for Your Space

Have you recently moved and found yourself in a home without wall-to-wall carpeting? Wood floors are easy to clean, but they lack warmth. It’s time to bring in a cozy touch and find the perfect area rug for your space. As I’ve said before, gray is the universal color when it comes to modern interior design. It’s clean, cool, and contemporary. If you are looking for some chevron decorating ideas for your new home, with a chevron rug you can bring in a playful retro element and have some fun while doing it!

Will this room be a high traffic area, with lots of active children and pets running across it throughout the day? Or, would you like to create an elegant, refined place to entertain guests? How about a cozy living room for two to curl up and relax in? No matter what your vision calls for, there’s a chevron rug to suit your space. Find the right one for you in this overview guide:

Choosing the Right Sized Area Rug

One of the most common questions I get from clients is “How big should an area rug be for my space?”. It’s really a matter of personal taste, as there are no rules set in stone on this topic.

If you have a large, sprawling space with multiple sofas you can afford the extra space it takes to position the carpet in the center, about one foot from the legs of your couches. It feels open and inviting. Here’s an example with two sofas and a gray and white chevron rug which is surrounded by a foot of space.

If you have a smaller living area that’s short on extra space, the legs of your furniture (chairs or sofas) should overlap the area rug so that the front legs are sitting on top of it.

This also helps to define a separate living space if you have an open concept home or multi-purpose studio apartment.

As you may have noticed, there are many different styles of chevron area rugs to choose from online. From large, wide bands to thinner versions. Next, we’ll cover some of the different styles that this versatile pattern is available in:

Ikat Chevron

Ikat is a technique using resist dying a fabric before it is woven. The result is a very organic, uneven look which is popular in fashion as well as home textiles right now.

Go for the Ikat look if your decorating style is a bit more bohemian. Let those rough edges show in all their natural beauty.

Stretched Print

This is a different take on the chevron pattern in which it looks like the shape itself has been stretched and squished into thinner bands of color.

This tends to visually widen your space and make it appear bigger. I think it also adds a special twist to the common style we’re used to seeing and is a bit funkier.

Choose this hip variation on the print in a darker color, and it suddenly becomes more of a graphic statement piece which works especially well against these hardwood floors and brick walls.

High Style with High Pile

If your aim is comfort, you should definitely go for a high pile rug. Choose a material like wool or faux fur for that added touch of luxury.

It feels so plush and adds soft texture to the room.

Picture one of these in front of a fireplace for the ultimate in stylish relaxation at the end of your day.

Bringing it all Together

When you find the perfect floor covering for your room, you just know it. It doesn’t matter what the rules say when you find something you love. That’s how I feel about the leather patchwork runner in this living room. This gray chevron rug contains so many subtle shades and rich textures that is a great compliment to the soft tufted sofa.

Chevron living room with a hand-stitched leather rug and a tufted fabric sofa

I kept the drapes sheer to let in lots of natural light to highlight all of these luxuriously soft fabrics.

I hope you manage to find something that speaks to you as much as this lovely pick spoke to me. What do you think of the finished room design?