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Fall Right to Sleep Tonight with These Tuscan Bedroom Ideas

Welcome again my friends! Let me tell you one thing about us girls. We require an elegant and beautiful bedroom! We need our beauty sleep, which is why I decided to create some -luxurious- Tuscan bedroom ideas.

With the right bed and Tuscan inspired furniture, your bedroom will become your sanctuary. Below, you will find a few of my best designs.

My Tuscany Design

I wanted this creation to be special so I started off with dark golden wallpaper and a black wooden canopy bed. I placed a three-pieced metal art deco directly behind the bed, which look absolutely perfect. I choose a light gray drapery set to cover the single window and a matching nightstand, with a small Tiffany lamp.

Bedroom decoration with a canopy bed and black wooden furniture

The large, white ceiling light would definitely shine on the beautiful wall art frame which I placed above the matching drawer chest. I topped it off with several home interior decor pieces, which spoke volumes about the entire design.

The Old-Fashioned Bedroom

With this interior design idea, I attempted to create a room, which was old-fashioned, but elegant and lavish. The dresser matches together perfectly with the amazingly beautiful and likely comfortable hostess chair. Of course, you will want to add a little personality to the room, which can be done with the wall art. Finally, you will want to incorporate two light sources. You've got a window and an adorable table lamp. Both are excellent choices and will work perfectly for your Tuscan bedroom design.

Traditional bedroom decoration with European furniture including a dresser, a hostess chair and a night stand

I continued by placing a wooden bed and matching nightstand into the center of the room. I wanted something that would add pizzazz to the entire area, so I chose a mirror to even out the green floral wallpaper.

With my next click, I placed some Tuscan wall art, behind the bed, which looked stunning, if I must say. The hanging pendant is constructed out of copper bronze and glass material. I wanted the picture to replicate a real bedroom, so I placed a small brown and green reading lamp on top of the nightstand.

Italian bedroom design with a rustic wooden bed and Fleur de Lis wall art

I would not call this creation "Italian", without the Fleur De Lis decorative plates, which I fixed above the bed. I must say that this is one of my favorite virtual designs yet and "yes", I am patting myself on the back.

A nice and comfy bedroom is capable of putting you at ease, once you enter. With the right arrangement and rustic furniture, it is possible to decorate your room with elegance and harmony, while ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.

Thanks for reading! I hope you've learned a little something about Tuscan decor today! Be sure to experiment and use my tips to design your own dream bedroom!