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Elevate your Style with the Exotic Look of Giraffe Home Decor

The image of a long-necked giraffe slowly reaching for the tree-tops describes all of the things this elegant creature represents; grace, perseverance, and achievement. If you always feel driven to aim higher and reach for the stars, you are no doubt as enchanted by these animals as I am, and you love to see their mystical image throughout your home. Today we'll explore three ways to style this exotic look to achieve all your decorating goals!

Being the tallest animals on land, giraffes have a naturally dramatic stature, and a regal coat of spots to match. The sky's the limit when it comes to the design possibilities for giraffe home decor. The main points to consider when planning your design are the color and scale of this wild motif.

What's so appealing about this creature's simple coat? The basic two-toned giraffe spot print is surprisingly easy to decorate with thanks to its warm, neutral color palette. This lovely design goes with almost anything, whether you want it to stand out or act as subtle camouflage. Keep it light with a beige-and-sand color scheme, or go for drama with deep chocolate brown against white. The organic, free-flowing design of giraffe spots gives home decor a relaxed feeling and displays your love of nature. It works beautifully on small decorative accents, as well as on wall art and large upholstered pieces.

Turn Up the Contrast for Sophisticated Drama

This room's decor looks deceptively simple, but the contrasting palette turns it into an elegant space that's anything but understated. This color palette works because it contains a careful balance of warm and cool tones. The cool white and pale taupe colors are harmonious opposites of the warm dark brown and creams repeated throughout the room.

White French doors, brown walls, an exotic pendant lamp, and a brown and gold rug.

These colors have a strong visual impact, yet the room looks cozy and inviting thanks to the simplicity and softness of its textile elements. A set of tufted armchairs and a matching sofa are paired with a soft brown ottoman and brown printed throw pillows. The large-scale pattern of the giraffe spot area rug makes it an absolute show-stopper! This item is the inspiration for the rest of the room's design. I love it because of its cozy texture and warm honey and dark chocolate tones.

The simple design of this room is elevated by some playfully round shapes, which I included to bring a touch of nature into this clean-lined room. The graceful curve of the arched French doors is echoed by a pendant lamp with an interesting oblong shape. Potted plants continue the natural theme, and once again I've chosen round forms in which to display them.

Create the Illusion of Higher Ceilings by Spicing up Your Wall Treatment

This living room has a cozy yet casual feeling. It's a great example of how to dress your walls to make an average room feel open and airy. If you live in an older home with low ceilings, or are just looking to make your space feel bigger, here are a few key tips:

Adding visual interest to your walls naturally emphasizes their height. Here, a dark teal band around the top of this living room's walls draws the viewer's eye toward the ceiling. A simple white chair railing separates this bold color from the pale, sunny yellow color beneath it.

Multicolored walls, two upholstered animal print chairs, and matching pillows on a pale ecru sofa.

In addition to these unexpected colors and molding details, it's always a good idea to add some tall wall decor to emphasize the height of your space. An oversized wall shelf in a simple dark stained wood draws the eye upward and puts the spotlight on wall space. It also serves as extra storage, and as a space to display artifacts and photos from your world travels.

Give your space a visual boost with a strong vertical element such as this carved wooden animal sculpture. It also adds to the eclectic global feeling of the room, which is referenced in the rest of its giraffe themed decor.

Bring the Safari Inside with Colors and Images Inspired by Nature

The final look today will appeal to nature lovers and designers alike. Using a subdued, organic color scheme allowed me to indulge in a range of interesting patterned and textured elements without overwhelming this cozy space.

Tree wallpaper, a brick fireplace, a framed nature print, and a neutral living room set.

A fireplace with brick detailing is a rustic and practical feature most modern homes would benefit from. A simple way to achieve this look is to insert a modern electric fireplace console under the existing mantle in an older home. Or, create the look from scratch by adding a fireplace which protrudes from your existing walls.

Framed nature photography and a generous dose of fresh green color help to complete the organic look of this room. For those without a green thumb, green books and artwork continue this vibrant plant-colored accent.

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