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Dress your Walls in Elegant Styles of Fleur de Lis Wall Decor

There's something inherently classic about this symbol. It's used throughout the world, but has its main historical roots in France. When you see this image, you may think of kings, flags, or churches. Whichever connotation comes to mind, it's bound to bring a sense of nobility with it.

When you decorate with fleur de lis wall decor, you evoke a grand feeling of luxury in your living space no matter how modest your furniture and other decor may be. This decorative symbol has a way of elevating everything around it, as this instantly recognizable symbol lends a grand and elegant simplicity to any room in your home. Today we'll look at how to decorate the walls of your formal sitting room, hallway, or comfortable living room to great effect with this simple image.

A Warm and Inviting Sitting Room with Traditional French Charm

Fleur de lis wall art is perfectly suited to the French traditional style of home decor. This room shows a very refined style of decor created with warm colors and the beauty of dark wood.

Brown upholstered wooden chairs around a dark round coffee table, and a pale pink wall

I started with a wall with lots of traditional character. If your home is more modern and has plain, flat walls, you can easily add this decorative wainscoting and baseboard to give it more character before you repaint. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes in giving your home a sense of more history. This wall lends itself to some dramatic wall art, so I chose two matching iron wall sconces and a framed print in black and white, with a hint of robin's egg blue- a perfect complimentary color to the wall paint. The dusty rose color I picked for the wall adds an inviting warmth to the room and really brings out the rich red hues in the wooden furniture.

These chairs and coffee tables make a well matched set. Although they come from different manufacturers, they share the same rounded, carved aesthetic and dark cherry wood finish. The cutouts in the backs of the chairs is a charming detail I couldn't resist.

Modern Meets French Rustic in This Charming Entryway

Step into this inviting hallway and you're instantly charmed by the fresh wall color and unique wall decor. The pale green I selected is neutral enough to be a heritage color seen in older homes, yet it has a clean, modern feel. It's also the perfect base to decorate with rustic wooden and metal elements.

I complimented the cool green with warm yellow accents, as these colors are opposites which work well together. The Tiffany style ceiling lamp casts a warm, welcoming glow over the hallway with its yellow and gold stained glass detailing. A large cast iron wall plaque sits at eye level, so it's the first thing your guests see when they walk in.

A light green door opens to a light green hallway decorated with a rustic table and brass trinkets

Since this element was so large and graphic, I went for a soft rustic look for the rest of the decor, and kept it light. The light stain finish on the sideboard table lets the natural grain of the wood show through for a relaxed, rustic feeling. I chose a square table rather than an ornately carved one to keep things simple and modern. The home decor I chose to decorate the sideboard is all in a light, yellow toned brass finish, matching the light color of the wooden table which is continued in the hardwood floors. The welcome mat is a cute finishing touch which sets the stage for hosting many guests.

Create a Rich Tapestry of Natural Textures

This living room is elaborately decorated with textures and imagery, all in a cohesive neutral tone to keep it from looking too busy. I went for soft, natural fabrics to create the look of lush comfort, contrasted with the cool metal of brass and wrought iron. This room has a decidedly historical feeling which creates a sense of mystery and intrigue.

I decorated the light neutral patterned wallpaper with fleur de lis wall art. A large antique medallion in a distressed gold finish creates a captivating focal point above the sofa. Its elaborate craftsmanship sets the tone for the rest of the room. No detail is spared here! The sofa is a large, stately piece with carved scrollwork detail. It's upholstered in both leather and patterned paisley fabric and decorated with overstuffed pillows, making it look quite inviting to spend time on.

A gold medallion on light patterned wallpaper, a brown couch, and two round iron finish tables

The side tables, with their curved iron legs, are topped with artwork in a dark, antique finish and metal stud detailing. Finally, the area rug I chose ties the room together as it matches the light taupe and sand colors of the wallpaper.