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Design the House of your Dreams with Fleur de Lis Home Decor

There's something about this symbol that feels elegant and stately, and a bit mysterious. Perhaps it's the long history it has as a symbol of royalty in France, or the various flags it appears on in other countries. Fleur de lis decor is very common in interior design, as it lends a sense of cultural history to any room.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of evreux

Today, I'd like to give you a brief introduction to the history behind the image, followed by some practical tips for decorating your wall, kitchen, and bedroom with this enigmatic bloom.

Fleur de Lis Symbol

In French, the phrase literally means "flower (fleur) of lily (lis)", and is represented by a simplified version of a lily. Since ancient times, the lily has been seen as a symbol of purity. In biblical symbolism, this flower represents a lily that sprung from Eve's tears as she was cast out of Eden. It has also been adopted by the Roman Catholic church as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

When French settlers came to the rest of the world, they brought the fleur symbol with them, so it's seen everywhere the French came to live, including Quebec in Canada and along the Mississippi river in the U.S. It still appears on postage stamps, and continues to be an enduring symbol of nobility and traditional values all over the world.

Fleur de Lis Postage Stamp

Of course, this symbol's beauty lends it to widespread use in decoration, not just as a symbol on a flag. If you visit Buckingham Palace in London, you will notice it lining the top of the gate to keep out intruders. This simple flower is everywhere!

Now that the mystery of this omnipresent symbol as been cleared up a bit, let's get to the fun part- decorating your home. The articles below aim to give you some practical examples of how to balance old world charm with modern living in your wall decor, kitchen, and bedroom.

Wall Art

In this guide to fleur de lis wall decor, we'll look at three ways to style this charming symbol to match your home's style.

Fans of the charming traditional French style will love the formal sitting room I designed which is inspired by a set of carved wood chairs and tables in a dark stain finish. The natural beauty of this wood led me to paint the walls a nostalgic dusty rose color and add white trim and wainscoting.

Next I looked at this flower in a more contemporary light and designed a welcoming entryway. I used a pale green color for its ability to match modern as well as heritage style homes, and decorated with rustic details like an antiqued wooden sideboard and golden brass details.

In the last example, I went all-out and created a lush living room with a large traditional looking sofa and elaborate metal decor all over the room. This is truly an elegant space which lovers of fleur de lis decor would enjoy spending a lot of time in thanks to its comfortable textiles.


If you're looking for some unique ways to use fleur de lis kitchen decor, you will find plenty of fresh inspiration in this article. I particularly love the modern meets traditional style of the first interior. It features a dramatically high ceiling and a large feature wall with a natural looking stone mosaic.

Then we'll visit a colorful kitchen perfect for socializing as you cook. It's a great example of how to incorporate lots of interesting color while sticking to a palette of subtle earth tones which are suitable for a more traditional home. This cozy space is full of historic detail in its tile work, ceramics, and stained glass lamp.

Last is a quick exercise in renovating and decorating a small kitchen. It shows that you don't need large dramatic decor to create a charming update for a narrow space just by updating your backsplash and adding some historic decor. This is a simple and affordable way to give your space a facelift which adds a world of character.

Bedding Sets

The focus of this article is how to incorporate this historic symbol into a modern bedroom. In each of these designs, I chose a set of fleur de lis bedding with matching pillows and let them be the inspiration for the whole room.

We'll explore three unique color palettes, from pale green and dramatic black and white, to a mix of neutrals, to bold black and gold.

Combining a subtle color palette with high-contrast black and white is a great way to mix the old with the new and place a fleur in a modern setting. The first room uses a soft green textured wallpaper and matching rug as a soft backdrop for the black and white bedding set.

The last room uses the same design strategy, but to a more dramatic effect. This final room will appeal to fans of ultra-modern home decor with its punchy gold and black bedding against an embossed white wall.

I hope you have enjoyed my articles on fleur de lis home decor and have fun exploring this theme in your own home.

As always, I would love to see your take on this topic. Send me a picture or a comment describing your results. How did these tips work out for you?