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Love Elephants? Wall Decor Ideas with These Wise and Gentle Giants

Let's talk about the elephant in the room… As long as I can remember I've been obsessed with elephants, so I really had fun creating some virtual rooms inspired by them. There's just something about these wise and gentle giants that I can't get enough of. Elephants have had symbolic importance in cultures around the world since the cave walls of the stone age! From India to Asia, people have fallen in love with the enormous grace of these beautiful creatures.

So how can you incorporate elephant wall art into your home in a way that makes sense your design style? I've created three different looks which are elegant, affordable, and; above all- fun! Take a walk on the wild side with me today and find some elephant themed inspiration here:

Add a Wild Touch to a Modern Loft

Keep your room's color palette pleasing to the eye with the right balance of warm and cool tones.

I thought it would be fun to mix it up with elephant designs and bring some natural elements into a clean, modern space. I can picture myself entertaining guests here and hosting a dinner or cocktail party.

Modern gray interior with a warm-toned wall art canvas print and elephant home decor

The backdrop is a cool concrete, so I brought in a warm color palette with a bronze table lamp and a large warm-toned piece of wall art printed on canvas (a very affordable way to own a large piece of art!).

Another easy way to bring warmth to a cool backdrop is to include some wood furniture. The walnut credenza I've chosen here has clean, simple lines and its natural material is a perfect compliment to the industrial-looking concrete wall behind it. The classic accent chair echoes the credenza with wood of a similar tone.

Then I wanted to reference the concrete by adding a large, dramatic statue of a baby elephant in cool gray. I think the statue is simply adorable, and the rich textural details of its wrinkles add visual interest and a sense of history to the room.

When working with neutrals, it's important to include a pop of color somewhere in the mix, and for me, a snake plant was the perfect choice. It's a natural element in a bright green color, and its wild stripes fit the theme.

Finally, I chose a large area rug with both warm and cool tones to bring together the overall color palette of the room. The finished look here is elegant and well-balanced.

A Funky Modern Living Room

Liven up a modern space with a colorful piece of elephant wall decor.

Doesn't this brightly colored piece of elephant artwork just make this room come alive?

Modern room with an elephant tapestry and a dark gray sofa

Without it, this living room would still be elegant but I think it would lack that extra pop of personality. It's a funky, tribal-looking graphic print of an elephant on soft fabric that manages to mix Indian mandala and psychedelic patterns in a way that still feels current. Its cool, vibrant colors really sing against the neutrals that fill the rest of the space.

The gorgeous sofa could be considered mid-century modern or Danish modern; a style that sets the tone for this modern room. Its dark gray color provides a visual anchor for the eye. I also chose a rounded coffee table in the same clean, 1950s-inspired style.

To add some soft textural elements, I picked out these interesting hand-painted art pillows and sumptuous white shag area rug.

I sprinkled in some more art with some charming tabletop figurines of a mother and baby elephant. They're intricately hand-finished in a warm brown bronze, creating a nice tonal compliment to the blue wall art. They make a great conversation piece and their small scale kept me from going overboard on art. Personally, this is a room I could see myself feeling at home in. How about you?

An Eclectic Study

Try the New Eclectic design trend with elephant wall art; hot for 2016!

There's a design trend known as the New Eclectic style which is very popular in 2016, and the good news is that it's an incredibly easy look to achieve. It's characterized by a funky blend of mid-century and world traveler styles. When you're trying this look, it's great to include some eco-friendly and vintage elements.

I started out with a dark chocolate wall which provides a simple canvas to play around on. The simple dark wall also lets the mix of lighter colored accent pieces pop out against it.

First, we have to talk about the star of the show here: the large piece of elephant head wall decor. This decorative plaque is so detailed and lifelike, it's a way to honor my favorite animal without cruelty. It watches over the study and; in the Asian art of Feng Shui; is a symbol of good fortune in business. Who couldn't use some more luck in this area of life?

Eclectic decoration with a centered elephant head plaque, bookcases and retro chairs

I threw in some beautiful vintage elephant art prints which are upcycled, so they fit the eco-friendly idea of sustainable décor.

Continuing the theme of the global traveler, I picked out some colorful textiles. The bohemian Indian-style ottoman is comfy and fits in perfectly with the eclectic multi-cultural style I was going for. I paired it with an equally funky, yet slightly different patchwork chair in a simple mid-century modern style. They both feel at home sitting on a warm, traditional looking area rug with a pattern that's not too busy.

The brown rug doesn't compete with the bright colors in the furniture, while its soft texture contrasts with the clean, hard lines of the bookcases. Speaking of which; aren't these black and white bookshelves a great find? Because they have two tones built into their design, they make your personal collection of knick knacks, old books, and statues look even more eclectic.

Over all, have fun with this style and let it be a representation of your unique personality. What do you think of this take on elephant wall decor?