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Cool Designs Ideas for a Nautical Themed Bathroom

Nautical design has a way of bringing a smile to almost anyone's face. If you've spent time on the water, it brings back those happy memories. Even if you've never seen the ocean, there's something calming about this carefree, joyful style of decor. If you find yourself leaning toward this style in the living room, why not bring the same attention into the rest of your home and create a nautical themed bathroom?

In fact, the bathroom may be the perfect room to apply this style to! If you can't relax with a hammock and a cocktail by the beach, at least you can take a calming bath or shower and imagine you're there. I've created three different takes on nautical bathroom ideas to show you all the styling possibilities. Have fun exploring!

Don't be Afraid to Splash out on This Fun Theme

In this virtual design, I chose all the pieces I was instantly drawn to, like a kid in a candy store. This goes to show that you can be playful with this style and it works. After all, it's about finding what makes you happy. When it comes to nautical bathroom decor it's best to choose those pieces that are going to bring a smile to your face when you see them every day. I went for colorful and novel items here to show that anything goes.

Underwater decor with brightly colored fish, porthole mirrors, and an antique vanity

The porthole shaped his-and-hers mirrors set the playful tone for this room. I think their realistic aged finish is just wonderful, and it set the tone for all of my other picks. I echoed the industrial look of the porthole mirrors with two old fashioned caged metal pendant lamps. This historical style of lamp is popular in many different designer styles right now, and it happens to perfectly compliment the look of nautical decor. I added an aged looking cabinet under the sinks to continue the feeling of lived-in history.

Lastly, I filled out the room with fun, brightly colored novelty decor. Some hanging fish lures? A crab, turtle, and seahorse on the wall? Why not! It all adds to the casual look of this nautical wall decoration. Even the life preserver shaped soap dispensers make every day feel like a fun day at sea.

Keep it Light and Fresh with Soft Turquoise and Tan

I showed more restraint in this room and went for a higher-end designer look. This style can still be quite affordable to achieve. Start with white walls, and limit your color palette to pastel blues. This works especially well in a smaller space like this one, as the light colors help to make the room look bigger. Blue is a naturally relaxing color, and light blue is commonly used on hospital walls for that reason. You can't help but feel calm when surrounded by a soft blue that reminds you of the ocean.

Turquoise paint on the top third of the wall, then white tile and a turquoise vanity

Then, contrast the soft colors by incorporating rough textures like metal and rope. The nautical bathroom decor I chose for this room is a bit more serious than the colorful sea creatures in the last room, but it's still interesting and unique. The aged looking mermaids on the wall tie in with other metallic elements. Twisted rope is seen throughout the room, as it lends an easy feeling of being on a sailboat to the decor. It's also a very affordable DIY trick. Industrial elements can work too, like the metal wall sconce I chose, which is similar to the caged pendant lamp in the previous interior.

In the Navy: Simple and Modern Elegance with a Sailor Theme

Navy blue and white are the classic colors of sailors. This color combination lends itself perfectly to decorating in a clean, contemporary style. This high-contrast, low maintenance look is easy to achieve. I picked out some key nautical bathroom ideas in this virtual room to show you how.

Navy blue wall with a modern black vanity, white and blue decor around a white tile shower

Don't be afraid to paint your bathroom walls a dark color. When you brighten up the rest of the room with white, it actually has the effect of making your decor stand out in a dramatic way. The navy blue of this wall makes the metal wall sconces and steering wheel mirror pop. Against a white wall they would not have the same eye-catching effect.

In keeping with this simple color scheme, I coordinated all of the textiles in the room to match. The nautical shower curtain is a whimsical touch, featuring an old map to reference sailing history. Large anchors decorate the bathmat and hand towel. A playful octopus and anchor wall plaque bring visual interest into the shower and match the metallic light fixtures. Fresh white flowers finish off the look and add a touch of softness to this striking modern room.