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3 Modern Bedroom Ideas for Chevron Room Decor

Chevron patterns continue to be extremely popular in fashion, graphic design- and, especially, interior design. This fun pattern is so busy and angular- that's what makes it dynamic and exciting, but that's also where the design challenge lies in chevron room decor.

Today, we'll look at how to solve this design dilemma with chevron bedroom ideas. I'll show you how easy it is to make this pattern work for the specific style of each of these spaces, from sophisticated to teenage-focused. Your bedroom should be a relaxing oasis where you can get away from the stresses of your day and rest. Here are three virtual examples of how to use chevron decor to achieve three unique bedroom designs that are modern, relaxing, and trendy:

Tan and Sophisticated

Unless you're going for a dramatic feature wall, a general rule of thumb to follow when it comes to printed wallpaper is: the louder the print, the quieter the color. In this case, the print is not only bold and angular, the scale of the pattern itself is quite large. So, I picked this print in a soothing, neutral combination of tan and white and placed it behind the headboard of the bed. I kept all the other walls in the room a solid tan, matched to the shade of the chevron wallpaper. Even in muted colors, this wallpaper is quite bold. Picture it on every wall of this room- it would simply be too much. This way, it serves as an extension of the bed's headboard and draws attention to the area above the bed.

Modern bedroom in tan and gray featuring an upholstered bed, an storage bench and a shag area rug

Gray is my favorite neutral shade, and it's always my go-to when I'm decorating a modern space. You can't go wrong with gray, especially in combination with tan. By keeping these shades closely related, I struck a harmonious balance between cool gray and warm, creamy tan. The chevron pillows are the most colorful element while the chevron bench has a subtle mix of shades.

The chandelier, with cut-out metal detailing in rounded geometric shapes is a wonderful focal point and references the round mirror behind it. I chose some relaxing scenes of nature as the subject of the wall art, in keeping with the goal of relaxation. Finally, I finished off the space with some visual “punctuation marks” in the form of two matching chocolate brown lampshades on the bedside tables, and a large mirror frame in the same shade of brown. These objects add symmetry and some interest to the otherwise very basic color palette.

Teal for Teenagers

I think any teenager who lives in this hip and lively space would be quite lucky! It's fully of vibrant color and fun details which make it great for a young person. The duvet in teal and blue is a special find which was my inspiration for the whole room. It's matched with a chevron pillow in teal. The light shade I picked for the walls keeps things bright and airy.

Teenage room in teal and gray with white furniture and pendant lights

I chose a chevron rug and matching gray chevron curtains to pull the whole space together from floor to ceiling. White is the background for all of the prints in this room, so I chose solid white for the furniture as well. The bed is a particularly great design solution because it has built-in storage in the headboard/bookshelf, as well as in the large drawers at its base which will help keep a teenager's typically large collection of things organized and out of sight.

The Hip 20-Something's Bedroom

This room has a charming retro feel, and I designed it with a young, creative person in their 20s in mind. The overall space is uncluttered and spare, with a few key elements of mid-century style. The light gray textured armchair and the round lamp both have very 1950s inspired designs.

Next to these retro details, the chevron curtains take on a nostalgic feeling. I matched them with a cute stuffed ottoman. The angular table lamp echoes the chair's legs and is definitely in keeping with the style of that era. Again, I chose solid white to create a visual resting place for the eye in the form of this traditional looking chest of drawers. A large mirror framed in a vintage style frame helps to create the illusion of more space and double the decorative elements placed on the dresser in front of it.

Gray room decoration with a retro feel featuring yellow curtains, an upholstered accent chair and an area rug

The rest of the room is spare and contemporary. As usual, I stuck with gray as a neutral color to keep the atmosphere of this bedroom cool and simple. A dark gray rug with a high pile adds a much-needed dose of luxurious texture. Overall, this room demonstrates that when it comes to creating a successfully balanced room design, all you need are a few simple colors and a style era in mind!