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Bring Tuscany into Your Home with Italian Kitchen Decor

I've been on an Italian kick here lately and just finished up with a few samples of the most gorgeous Tuscan wall decor! Once I got those little designs thrown together and posted, I decided to work with some images and put together some adorable decorating ideas, which perfectly represent the beauty of Tuscan kitchens.

I've been working my fingers to the bone over the past few days putting together these samples, so I hope you enjoy them! Well, let's jump right on in, shall we?

My Tuscany Design

I started out with maple cabinets because the hue reminded me of Italy and chose a Tuscan Backsplash to create a focal point. Then, I selected a bronze and glass pendant lighting and added some artificial greenery on top of the cabinets.

I wanted to add some decor to my black granite countertop, but I didn't want it to draw attention from other important factors. I clicked on a pewter paper towel holder with a unique design that would match my faucet. It looked great, so I continued perfecting my design by adding a yellow ceramic vase. The beautiful grapes and hand-painted details matches nicely with my theme.

Decoration with a Tuscan kitchen table and rustic maple cabinets

My picture was moving right along, so it was time to add a little extra pizzazz to the picture. Of course, I needed a black splash with a mural layout that would match my yellow ceramic, wooden spoon holder, so I choose a design that contained food items and a vast vineyard in the background.

I needed a dinning table so I picked a black and oak colored dining set and topped it off with a unique, green ceramic vase.

Now, moving right along! Let's move the camera and continue with our design.

No kitchen is complete without a storage cabinet. Where else would you store your soup and potato chips?

As you can see, the beautiful Italian chairs I selected perfectly blend together with the rest of the interior.

Cozy kitchen decoration featuring rustic furniture and cottage curtains with printed grapes

You'll always want to add a nice light source to your room. By looking at the sample, you can see two ambient light sources. During a summer day, you could easily open the Tuscan kitchen curtains and allow the sun to shine inside brightly. Pick your poison, but it is impossible to fail with Tuscan decor!

The Built-In Italian Kitchen

Once I got the first interior design sample put together, I just couldn't stop myself from completing another! With this one, I decided to place the stove in a small cubbyhole, with an eye-catching arch. Of course, it was the beautiful oil painting that makes this sample so appealing.

Rustic decoration with a Tuscan kitchen backsplash, wooden cabinets and a copper range hood

Once this cute little painting is in place, you will want to add some decor to the countertop. The color palette of the rooster figurine blends in perfectly with the lamp and the Tuscan kitchen backsplash. The whole arrangement is just adorable, don't you think?

Different Angle Design

I added a beautiful throw rug to the stone hearth floor and then placed a black rustic stool in the corner, which made it look homier. The wine rack, wall plaque and Tuscan kitchen wall clock give to this room a warm Tuscan touch!

Italian themed kitchen with accessories such as wall plaques, vintage clocks and artificial greenery

Artificial greenery would liven up the interior, plus the Italian kitchen accessories looked amazing. Finally, I picked a wicker garbage can and placed it underneath the countertop.

That's all for today guys. I hope you'll be inspired to create your own cucina with Italian kitchen decor as much as I was after completing this project.

Remember that you can create your very own Tuscan home by incorporating some of my Italian decorating ideas! Simple enough, huh? Let's get to work!