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A Deep Look Into the Trend of Chevron Decor

You can't walk into a home decorating store these days without seeing chevron decor in one form or another! And it doesn't stop there- this jaunty pattern is all over graphic design, clothing, advertising, and architecture...

Chevron Pattern

But don't worry, this isn't a craze that's going to go out of style any time soon. That's because this pattern has a long and proven track record of popularity.

I have so many chevron decorating ideas to share with you today, I couldn't fit them all on one page!

But where did this trend come from in the first place?

The pattern itself has been around since ancient Grecian artists placed it on pottery and carved it into stone circa 1800 BC. But it really took off in popularity around the world in 1958 thanks to the Italian designers Missoni, who wove it into brightly colored knitwear which became a hit around the world. These instantly recognizable designs became part of popular culture. In 2011, department stores caught onto the idea and that familiar zigzag experienced a moment in the sun. Suddenly the pattern was not just limited to those who could afford designer threads- everyone was wearing it, and decorating their homes with it too.

From wallpaper to throw pillows, there's a chevron print that's suitable for every room and every style of decor. What are the design challenges you face when you consider making it work in your space? If you're worried about overwhelming the rest of your decor, I have some helpful tips to offer about maintaining a balance of color and scale. I'll also show you how to incorporate furniture from different eras that perfectly compliments the look of chevron decor.

Check out my chevron room ideas in these in-depth articles to find something you'll love in your home:

Taking Wall Art to the Next Level

In this article, we look at how to take a room and elevate it with chevron wall art. I'll show you how easy it is to take an average looking room and make it into something special just by decorating the walls.

The first room, pictured here, is the most dramatic. It's a great example of how to make a large, bold printed wallpaper work in an upscale setting. I worked with the architecture of the room itself to break up the pattern of this impressive feature wall.

I've provided two more interior samples in this guide for a study and a bedroom. The study keeps things modern and industrial, with a touch of 1950s style furniture. The virtual bedroom shows that the big, bold, angular print can still be pretty when paired with natural elements and a soft color palette of purple and light gray.

Chevron Decor for the Bedroom

I'll be honest, it's a bit of a challenge to design a bedroom with chevron room decor. That's simply because it's a room in which you want to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. To solve this dilemma, I picked shades such as tan and gray.

The exception to this design rule takes its inspiration from the bright, yet calm influence of teal. I created it with a teenage client in mind, and I think you'll agree that a young person who gets to live in this room would be quite lucky.

Finding the Best Rug for Your Space

Are you searching for the perfect version of a gray chevron rug for your space? In this guide you will find some useful tips to help you choose the right type of area rug for your room. There is a rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the size of a rug, and I'll let you in on the secret here.

The fun part of your shopping process should be choosing the rug itself. Which pattern and pile height best suits the room you're designing? Consider the scale of the furniture in the room, the size of the room, and the atmosphere you wish to create. Low pile rugs are perfect for shared family spaces, whereas soft and luxurious carpets win when it comes to creating an intimate and cozy setting.

Cheer Up Your Home with Yellow Curtains

It's true that the chevron pattern sometimes has a retro feeling attached to it. When you dress your home in yellow chevron curtains you're guaranteed to invoke some of that retro nostalgia. I chose to take on an interior style that was even older than the 1950's by designing a room set in the country.

In this virtual collage, I've gone for a country farmhouse look by including some traditional, antiqued looking pieces of furniture. When yellow is the dominant color in interior design it's important to use it sparingly as I've done here. The retro credenza with bright yellow is wonderfully paired with the cheerful yellow and white valance.