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7 Ways to Get the Look of Tuscan Home Decor

Anyone who has visited the sun-drenched vineyards and rolling hills of Tuscany will tell you it's a unique sensual experience. The rich warm tones of aged wood, wrought iron, and vibrant textiles have a way of staying with you and following you home in your memories (if not in your suitcase!). But you don't need to walk this landscape yourself to bring the unique style of Tuscan home decor into your home.

Tuscany Landscape

The elements of Tuscan style interiors are simple. But, when you put them all together, the result is a feast for the eyes that seems at once luxurious and down-to-earth. It's a warm and welcoming look that tends to put people at ease because it looks so lived-in, but also has a sense of important history.

If you are thinking of trying out this style in your home, it's as easy as starting with one or two key items I've listed below:

Start with Rustic Furniture

If you're serious about transforming the style of your home, the first step is to invest in some Tuscan style furniture. With a few solid pieces that really say “Tuscany”, you can use affordable accessories to tie the whole look together later.

Start with a large piece of lived-in looking furniture like this simple but charming armoire. It's a substantial item with richly textured wood grain which both serves as a visual anchor for the room, and sets the tone for the overall style.

The tufted microfiber armchair is a perfect compliment to the armoire. Softly textured fabrics work well with the rough texture of wood. The warm olive green and cherry tone of the wood are now the base colors for the whole living room.

I added a few simple textiles in the same shades to unify the color palette of this space. Green and brown are both incorporated in the traditional Persian rug, which adds a sense of history to the room, and the loosely draped curtains which let natural light in to further warm up the space.

Keep Your Color Palette Warm but Varied

I must mention that this room had a head start in terms of creating this look, as the architectural detail of the exposed post-and-beam ceiling is rustic to begin with. If you are lucky enough to have such a feature in your home, you're already on your way to creating a Tuscan home design that feels authentic. It's a great backdrop on which to try out these Tuscan living room ideas.

Everything about this room is warm and inviting, thanks to the subtle variations in the warm color palette. You'll notice that I didn't use any cool colors at all except for the hint of sky blue in the Italian style alfresco painting hanging on the wall. I chose a deep mustard-colored wallpaper with a scrolling design that visually adds texture and dimension to the walls.

From the plush tan sofa and embellished pillow to the old world style of the rug, there is a range of natural shades which are all in harmony with one another. By keeping this array of browns, tans, and taupes in the same color family, the overall look is full of interesting detail without looking too busy.

The finishing touch is a pop of red color in some simple drapes and a matching red armchair. These elements really stand out, especially against the deep yellow wall. Without them, the range of colors would be too similar. I'm really pleased with this virtual color combination I came up with here- I can't wait to try it in my own home!

Spice up a Fireplace with Italian Wall Decor

An old world style stone fireplace wall feature is the inspiration for this rustic design. Because the stone is a cool tone, I chose to contrast it with a mix of Tuscan wall decor comprised of wood and warm tones.

Several interesting wooden items spice up this backdrop and give it that charming old world touch of Tuscany style. When it comes to Italian decorating ideas this is one of the most effective. The mantelpiece is a distressed wood in a cherry finish which keeps the palette toasty and warm. Some candles with intricately detailed candle holders echo the natural glow of the fire.

A rustic set of vases adds some unexpected detail to the floor, which keeps your eye moving down the whole wall and makes it appear even taller and more impressive. Top it off with a retro looking wooden clock with an aged bronze-tone finish.

Second to the wall accents, the star of the show here is the fireplace. This type of fireplace is the easiest, most modern choice when it comes to remodeling a fireplace feature in your home. If you have an older home with a preexisting fireplace and chimney, simply measure the space and install the fireplace insert and you will soon be enjoying the warmth of a roaring fire safely contained in your living room.

Bring Tuscany into Your Living Room with an Italian Sofa

This inviting sofa has all the classic elements of a Tuscan style sofa. Its neutral taupe color has a subtle hand-dyed looking variation in the weave, keeping the look of its fiber natural. The base is a rounded wood, embellished with beautifully detailed scrollwork. These design elements of the sofa, along with the richly patterned neutral throw pillows, make for a traditional seating area in which your guests will truly feel at home.

Behind the very Italian looking sofa I placed a large mural which is slightly inset into the stone wall, creating the illusion that one is looking through a window out onto the rolling, romantic hills of a vineyard. Symmetrically placed iron wall sconces filled with greenery mirror the green hues in the landscape and add a fresh burst of nature to the room.

Create a Restful Sanctuary in a Tuscan Style Bedroom

The style of your bedroom says a lot about your personal taste, since it's your private sanctuary. Create a restful environment with a sense of history and warmth by incorporating some of these Tuscan bedroom ideas into your boudoir.

Is your bedroom drab and lacking personality? If you're looking to swap out your modern prefabricated furniture for something more historic looking, farmhouse style furniture is the answer you're looking for. This stately dresser, upholstered chair, and nightstand are an attractive set which can infuse your bedroom with the aged look you're after.

The neutral green patterned wallpaper adds visual interest, but let's go a step further and add personality with some framed photo collections grouped organically along the wall. Finish the look with soft lighting, like candles on the table and iron wall sconces reminiscent of Italy, and a low table lamp to provide even more directional lighting.

The result is a tranquil, romantic atmosphere that you'll want to spend more time in.

Infuse Some Italian Designs into the Kitchen

I had so much fun designing this virtual kitchen, I can only dream of making it a reality! With a few fun elements of Italian kitchen decor, you can easily add some Italian flavor to your look.

If this isn't a great example of Tuscan interior design, I don't know what is!

This charming little kitchen has a stovetop that's inset. Don't worry, you don't have to renovate to achieve something similar. You can get this look by adding some natural wall tiles to your existing stove area to create a feature wall with depth and history. Add some painted ceramic tiles behind the stove for a charming mural wine-lovers would adore.

The kitchen's theme is completed with an aged looking “Cucina” sign and a cute chicken statue.

Set the Stage for an Authentic Italian Dinner

Whether you're planning a large formal dinner party or just a Sunday night pasta with the family, these Italian table decorations are an affordable way to add some lively charm to your meals.

The feeling here is decidedly joyful and festive. Have fun with this vibrant table setting as you dine on sumptuous Italian dishes and a bold red wine.

I'm particularly fond of the old milk can used as a wine holder. It literally puts the “rust” in rustic with its beautiful natural texture. I spiced up the color palette with a blend of vibrant reds, greens, and oranges, and even threw in some purple grapes to compliment the wine.

Woven textiles in the form of placemats tie together all the colors of the decorations and keep things natural and cozy.