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7 Inspiring Looks for Elephant Home Decor

Who wouldn't want to invite more good luck into their home? These three virtual room designs I've created with elephant home decor will show you how to incorporate these beautiful symbols of good fortune into your decor, no matter what your personal style is. They can also symbolize strength, wisdom, and fertility, and power, so- in my opinion, one can never have too many elephants!

Mother and Baby Elephant

When you look around the room you're in right now, which category of interior design style does most of your decor fall into? Chances are you have a mix of many styles.

The three I've selected here are bohemian/modern, casual/exotic, and sophisticated/gray. In each case, my goal was to strike just the right balance of design elements. The colors, design eras, and size of the objects are positioned in a mix that is pleasing to the eye and invites the viewer in.

Bohemian Meets Modern

We'll start with this colorful room designed around red hues and different types of elephant decor for living rooms. I included many eclectic elements to showcase the versatility of these gentle giants in any style of furnishing you choose. In this case, color ties the whole room together, but it was important to me to find the right blend of design styles- from Indian, to Asian, to American inspired styles.

The red couch was really my jumping-off point for this room- it inspired me to step outside of my usual color palette and find some interesting red patterned items. The result is a unique blend of styles from many cultures, linked to the present with a modern midcentury sofa.

Bohemian modern living room in red and gray with different types of textiles

The patterned textiles I chose are from very different corners of the world. The red in each of them ties them all together in a happy harmony. The large piece of fabric is an Indian-inspired mandala. Look closely at the images of this impressive piece of wall textile and you'll spot some elephants who are all dressed up and marching around the outside of the white triangles!

I also included some traditional American style classics, like the simple coffee table and two Tiffany style stained glass lamps. The brass gold statue on the table has its trunk raised, which is a symbol of success in the Feng Shui tradition. Another small statue on the luxurious side table shows three elephants stacked on one another in a cute “see no, hear no, speak no” pose.

Relaxed and Exotic

If you're drawn to this virtual room, chances are you're an artist- or, at least very creative. The focus of my design style for this room was also heavily influenced by color- in this case, the rich deep yellow of the wall color and sheer fabric draped on the ceiling. By tying together all of the decor items in this room with yellow, and including a floor lamp casting a soft yellow glow, I've created a relaxing oasis designed for comfort.

Exotic living room decoration in orange tones with affordable furniture

This setting would be great for anyone in college or who is just putting together their first apartment, with a fondness for elephant living room decor. All of these elements are interesting yet affordable. The futon is a perfect way to save space in small dwellings because it can double as a guest bed. The psychedelic poster on the wall are for free-spirited creative souls.

The open patio door leads to a green space, so a space like this is ideal for lovers of nature as it allows for plenty of fresh air and natural light. Can you picture yourself curling up on this sofa for a sunlit afternoon nap?

Shades of Gray

I kept the color palette simple and the patterns minimal in this elegant, modern space. And since those elements are not too busy, I could afford to go big with the elephant images! Continuing the tapestry theme of the two previous rooms, I have also included a large wall hanging here. The first item I picked was this elegant tufted gray mid century modern couch.

This space is tasteful and great for entertaining thanks to its simple, inviting colors and harmonious balance of large scale decorative elements.

Modern living room in gray and beige tones with decorative accents

A low-pile elephant rug in black and tan unites those colors in the room.

  • It's important for every room to have an element like this which links together at least two colors.

Just picture the room without this rug in it- it would lack that extra bit of harmony. All of the colors here are neutral, but to keep things from getting boring, each one has a subtly different shade. Bronze elephants on the legs of the side table match the wall statue as well as the legs of the retro coffee table.

Because I kept everything else calm and simple, I can afford to splash out on three elephant themed wall items that are impressively large in scale. The wall hanging has been a key element in my previous designs. This time, I kept things simple with a black and white printed textile. It's a striking piece that's very bold and graphic, but because it's so simple, it doesn't compete with other items in the room. The large white accent of this wall piece is mirrored by the white coffee table, which supports a splash of color in the form of a small decorative glass sculpture.

Even More Elephant Interiors!

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Coffee Tables

This guide to choosing an elephant coffee table will show you how to find the right table to suit your personal decorating style. We'll look at three different rooms, each with a unique design challenge.

Depending on the room you're looking to decorate, you will find inspiration in one of the three galleries. If you favor exotic flair, try one of the exquisite hand painted elephant tables. Looking for a small side table or outdoor patio table? I've chosen a few of the best selections from each category.

Hopefully I can provide you with some coffee table options you'll not only like, but fall in love with.

Wall Art Ideas

If you're looking for design ideas to incorporate some elephant wall art into your home, look no further. In this guide, I show you how to choose the right balance of color, pattern, and texture in three unique settings and share some helpful tips I've learned throughout my career as a designer and decorator.

The first tip is to keep your color palette in harmony by including the right mix of warm and cool tones. The slick, ultra-modern loft space I designed features a cool concrete wall which I warmed up with wooden accents.

Next, I designed a living room around a large wall hanging with vibrant colors. The result is very playful but still tasteful. The tip here is to infuse your otherwise minimal, modern living room with a funky piece of statement wall art.

A refined study was my final design challenge. I went for an eclectic world traveler theme which allowed me to include a large collection of smaller elephant themed items. Through careful consideration, all of the pieces on the bookshelf of this study come together in a balanced way.

I hope you've seen something in these rooms that really speaks to you and sparks a creative inspiration you can use in your own home design. Mixing these adorable pachyderms into many different room styles was a fun challenge for me. I hope you've enjoyed the results of my virtual adventures in elephant room decor as much as I did!