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6 Cool Ways to Style your Industrial Home Decor

Are you drawn to earthy textures, but don't want to sacrifice clean-lined simplicity? One of the easiest ways to make your home feel historic and current at the same time is to incorporate some industrial home decor.

An old steel factory

A browse through any current home decorating store or magazine will show that this style is the most popular one going today. Why does it work so well?

While it may sound austere, this look is full of personality and can be tailored to suit almost anyone. Pulling off this look is all about striking just the right balance of hard-lined metallic and soft natural materials. The sky's the limit when it comes to adjusting the elements in the room to express your personal style.

The industrial decorating ideas I have for you today offer plenty of variety. Whether you favor old-world charm or love a crisp, current form of industrial, there's a virtual room here for you. I created the following designs as examples of how to get the most out of this trend. And, trust me- this look is anything but a passing trend!

1. Preserve your Memories with a Collection of Books and Photographs

We'll start with a sophisticated bedroom design to show just how easy it can be to incorporate items you already own into the mix. Modern decorating guidelines often dictate that our personal items should be kept out of sight to avoid clutter. The great thing about industrial home decor is that it allows these objects to be displayed, and even be the stars of the show.

White wooden walls, black and white photos, wall-mounted bookshelves, and an antique brass bed

The aged white wood paneling in this bedroom is the perfect backdrop for a collection of all your favorite items. This sentimental display creates a visually compelling focal piece which also tells your unique story. Why limit your photo memories to the impersonal screen of a computer when you can enjoy them in a more tactile form? Have your favorite photo moments printed in black-and-white and display them in a casually grouped, framed collection. A library of books you have loved over the years creates a colorful visual feast as well as a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

I decorated the historic looking brass-framed bed with a colorful yet simple duvet which echoes the striped wooden wall above it. Simple metallic accents throughout the room complete this unassuming look, from a basic pendant lamp to a small silver bedside light, and metal accents on the bedroom set. A light rug in natural fibers adds warmth and texture to this comforting room.

2. Mix Warm Brass with Rustic Wood for a Timeless Look

Brass and wood are two must-have materials when it comes to the industrial look. Put them together and you achieve the ultimate in in rustic industrial decor. In this character-filled hallway, a square side table sets the scene with this winning combination of natural wood and sleek metal. The warm rust-like antique finish and nail head detailing of the base add to its charm. I echoed this metal-and-wood combination with a set of round stools. Their design is based on that of antique draftsman's stools from the early 1900's.

A rustic brick wall, antique style wood and metal stools, and aged brass decor

Continuing this vintage look, I filled the space with an assortment of interesting artifacts to add to the sense of history in this space. A large brass clock and a tiny antique-style bicycle clock reference a simpler time before the bright digital world we're so accustomed to. A caged metal table lamp and pendant light with Edison style bulbs cast a warm glow on the many nostalgic details of this charming space.

3. Bright White Walls Create a Fresh Canvas for Industrial Wall Decor

There's room for experimentation when it comes to this look, which will allow fans of minimalist decor to delve into a simpler, brighter brand of industrial. Here, the gritty texture of exposed brick walls is calmed by a wash of white paint. The wooden floors get the same treatment, making this dining room a blank canvas to decorate with industrial wall decor.

White brick walls and wooden floors, a wooden dining room table, and white designer chairs

I opted for an interesting set of white dining chairs for their slender silver mesh design which seems to make them disappear against the white walls. This keeps the space open and airy while adding a playful design element. A gray modernist stool mixes things up and adds to the charm of this eclectic atmosphere.

The large cogs and wheels of rusty clock parts don't look cluttered in this atmosphere, thanks to the sparse white furnishings. In a room this spacious feeling, you can afford to splash out with lots of rustic industrial decor such as this large rustic wooden table and patterned area rug. The warm natural tones of these items ground the space and make it feel more inviting.

4. Set the Stage for Relaxation with the Perfect Industrial Sectional

If you've been hunting for the ideal sofa to compliment your space, you know what a long and difficult process it can be. A comfortable seating area is the key to a welcoming living room, and finding a sofa that's both friendly and clean-lined can be a challenge.

When it comes to industrial decorating ideas, this dark gray sectional is a win. A square shape keeps it current while its tufted detailing is a nod to retro style. This essential item combines a natural looking, subtly textured fabric and a sleek silver base.

A dark gray sectional and light gray armchair, wooden side tables with black bases

The thin metal base of the sofa is such a perfect outline when it comes to this look, I repeated it throughout the room. The wooden side tables showcase the beauty of natural wood grain and are anchored with a black version of the same metallic base.

5. Mixed Metallics Work Their Magic with Rustic Industrial Decor

One of the hottest design trends of the past year is mixed metallic elements. It works in many styles of decor, and is a simple way of creating a charmingly undone, eclectic style. While it may come off as casually thrown together, there is an art to pulling off this look successfully.

A white sofa and armchair set with teak frames, warm wooden floors and side tables

In this living room, I tried to maintain a careful balance of tones. The golden honey colored wood floors and teak furniture bases are complimented with warm aged brass table detailing. In order to break up this wonderful warmth and texture, I contrasted it with a generous dose of white. Crisp white upholstery, as well as white lampshades and a whitewashed feature wall with exposed brick.

Continuing the calm, contemporary look of basic white accents, I opted for a modern abstract painting instead of using industrial wall decor. This room is so tonally rich that a grouping of rustic cogs and wheels would overwhelm it, so I limited this style to a single decorative gear on the coffee table.

6. Pair Soft Textures with Basic Black for a Dramatic Effect

This bedroom makes excellent use of textural and tonal contrasts. The result is dramatic and elegant, perfect for an intimate and cozy space. Its simple gray and white color palette is accented with sharp black details. These dark flourishes add a sense of mystery to this otherwise bright and open room. A dark gray feature wall acts as a visual continuation of the gray upholstered headboard, accentuating the room's high ceiling.

Multiple hanging pendant lights with antique bulbs over a large gray and black bed

A range of natural textures, from raw to refined, adds comfort and visual interest in abundance. The luxurious satin sheen of the bedspread and matching pillows creates a bed in which you'll savor spending lazy Sundays. The tufted bench at the foot of the bed exemplifies the flavor of this room. Its basic black metal base is topped with an unexpected dose of luxury in the form of tufted velvet upholstery. A black and white area rug with a hand-woven feel emphasizes the high-contrast theme, keeping this look fresh and dynamic.


There are so many ways you can use these items in your own home to suit your personal taste. The industrial decorating ideas I've shared with you today are just the tip of the iceberg! This is a look that never gets old, and I predict that it will continue to be a mainstay of the home decor world for many style seasons to come.

What's your take on industrial? Whether you're more addicted to its raw textures or its clean lines and antique treatments, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you make it work in your home. In an ideal world, where do you see this look headed next?