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4 Tuscan Living Room Ideas You Must See

This time, we're going to be exploring some of the most amazing designs comprised of warm neutral tones that seduce the senses with an intoxicating allure and style. Remember that these ideas include some very beautiful furniture, that doesn't cost thousands of dollars. Well, there is no time to waste! Here we go!

My Tuscany Home Interior Design

I love Tuscany furniture, so I definitely wanted to incorporate it, into this picture. This time I chose a golden yellow wallpaper with elegant scroll details and a two-piece sofa set with a light gray fabric balancing out the color. I placed a large Persian rug in front of the sofas and a square wooden coffee table in the center. The Vineyard Framed Print was a must, so I off-centered it above one of the sofas.

Cozy home interior in red and beige with two sofas around a coffee table

The large window offered the perfect focal point for the entire room, so I chose an artificial hanging vine and a dark wooden sofa table, which would act, as filler. I wanted a tad bit more red, so I placed several red pillows on both of the sofas. Last but not least, I selected a small reading lamp to top off the small sofa table. Of course, you could place a tall ceramic, cylinder vase there, if you wanted to achieve a different appeal.

My Red and Beige Semi-Neutral Interior

For my next design, I decided to keep everything neutral except for some items that stick out, like the red drapes and recliner. I also added an antique metal wall clock which is tremendously difficult to ignore! The Villa in Tuscany is an awesome piece that will add beauty to any interior.

Italian home interior in warm tones with traditional furniture and a floor lamp

With the appropriate furniture, you can create harmony that will put you at ease upon entering the room. Don't forget to add a floor lamp to brighten up the place. We don't want our visitors bumping into each other!

The Rustic Living Room with Fireplace

Want to create beautiful living rooms that are filled with light and life? You're going to want to use the windows, as I did in this example. With this Tuscan style sofa and chair, you'll always have a comfortable place to sit.

The warm and earthy tones, the furniture, and the fireplace are some of the things that make this space so beautiful.

Rustic living room decoration with accent chairs around a fireplace

My Tuscany Family Room Design

The family room is the most important, so I wanted to add one to my overall Italian virtual album. I choose a large dark brown sectional, which looked very homey. I placed two Tuscan wall art frames above the sofa, which looked elegant on the light gray wallpaper.

Family room with a brown sectional sofa and framed art prints

Again, I love artificial planters, so I placed one behind the sofa and another on a wooden sofa table. The wagon wheel chandelier would definitely provide the ideal Italian appeal. I selected a round Persian rug to cover the floor, which I centered in front of the sectional.

Do These Tuscan Living Rooms Speak to You?

If this is the case, you will want to use the tips below to create your own beautiful Tuscan living room design.

  • Ambient light is essential for beauty
  • Wall art always draws in the viewer and forces their imagination to go wild
  • Make it look refined, warm, and gently aged

I hope my ideas have inspired your imagination. Make sure you check out my other posts with more Italian Decorating Ideas. Please let me know what you think. Suggestions and new ideas are always welcomed!